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pomanensis, Channa Gurumayum [S. D.] & Tamang [L.] 2016:177, Figs. 1, 2, 3A, 4, 5 [Species v. 17 (no. 57); ref. 35232] Poma River at Poma (Brahmaputra basin) about 10 km west to capital town, Itanagar, Papum Pare district, Arunachal Pradesh, India, 27°3'33.85"N, 93°30'32.00"E, elevation 240 meters. Holotype: ZSI/APRC P-1066. Paratypes: ZSI/APRC. •Valid as Channa pomanensis Gurumayum & Tamang 2016 -- (Praveenraj et al. 2018:150 [ref. 36434], Praveenraj et al. 2019:69 [ref. 36501], Rüber et al. 2019:[5] [ref. 36913], Praveenraj et al. 2020:946 [ref. 38037], Pathak et al. 2024:6 [ref. 40762]). Current status: Valid as Channa pomanensis Gurumayum & Tamang 2016. Channidae. Distribution: South Asia: Brahmaputra River basin, northern India. Habitat: freshwater.

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