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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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Species in the family or subfamily Amarsipidae: [ 1 ] record

carlsbergi, Amarsipus Haedrich [R. L.] 1969:8, Figs. 2-8 [Dana Report No. 76; ref. 2028] Western Indian Ocean [ca. 360 kilometers east of Mombasa, Kenya], 4°21'S, 42°56'E, 200 meters wire out. Holotype: ZMUC P69963. Paratypes: MCZ 46370 (2), MCZ 46680 (2), SIO (2), CAS-SU (2), WHOI (1, c&s), ZMUC P69964-99 (36). Type catalog: Nielsen 1974:73 [ref. 9588]. •Valid as Amarsipus carlsbergi Haedrich 1969 -- (Haedrich 1986:842 [ref. 5659], Last 2001:3766 [ref. 26307], Parin & Piotrovsky 2004:S37 [ref. 28443], Mundy 2005:510 [ref. 28379], Bray & Hoese 2006:1786 [ref. 29049], Okamoto et al. 2012:26 [ref. 33661]). Current status: Valid as Amarsipus carlsbergi Haedrich 1969. Amarsipidae. Distribution: Indo-Pacific: South Africa and Arabian Sea east to Central America, north to east China Sea, Philippines and Hawaiian Islands, south to northern Australia and New Guinea. Habitat: marine.

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