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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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Species in the genus Aulorhynchus: [ 2 ] records

flavidus, Aulorhynchus Gill [T. N.] 1861:169 [Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia v. 13; ref. 1776] Coast of Washington, U.S.A. Syntypes: (3). •Valid as Aulorhynchus flavidus Gill 1861 -- (Eschmeyer & Herald 1983:128 [ref. 9277], Matarese et al. 1989:262 [ref. 26885], McAllister 1990:215 [ref. 14674], Mecklenburg et al. 2002:331 [ref. 25968], Nelson et al. 2004:111 [ref. 27807], Love et al. 2005:71 [ref. 37547], Page et al. 2013:113 [ref. 32708], Pietsch & Orr 2015:29 [ref. 34694], Kells et al. 2016:122 [ref. 35888], Burton & Lea 2019:56 [ref. 37205], Love et al. 2021:102 [ref. 39279]). Current status: Valid as Aulorhynchus flavidus Gill 1861. Aulorhynchidae. Distribution: North Pacific, eastern Pacific: southwestern Alaska (U.S.A.) south to Pacific coast of central Baja California (Mexico). Habitat: marine.

spinescens, Auliscops Peters [W. (C. H.)] 1866:510, Pl. (figs. 1-3) [Monatsberichte der K√∂niglichen Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin 1866; ref. 3439] California, U.S.A. Holotype (unique): ZMB 6238. •Synonym of Aulorhynchus flavidus Gill 1861. Current status: Synonym of Aulorhynchus flavidus Gill 1861. Aulorhynchidae. Habitat: marine.

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