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Species related to Chimaera cubana: [ 1 ] record

cubana, Chimaera Howell Rivero [L.] 1936:50, Fig. 1, Pl. 13 [Proceedings of the Boston Society of Natural History v. 41 (no. 4); ref. 12257] Matanzas Bay, Cuba. Holotype: MCZ 1464-S (1). Paratypes: MCZ 1385-S (1); MFP uncat. (1, stuffed). Type catalog: GutiĆ©rrez de los Reyes et al. 2015:42 [ref. 36079]. Description based on three specimens collected by Howell Rivero, and on three additional individuals described and illustrated in Poey 1876:182, Pl. 8 [ref. 3510] as Chimaera monstruosa. •Valid as Chimaera cubana Howell Rivero 1936 -- (Didier 1995:14 [ref. 22713], Didier 2003:599 [ref. 26986], Bunkley-Williams & Williams 2004:90 [ref. 27795], Kemper et al. 2010:649 [ref. 30873], Luchetti et al. 2011:400 [ref. 31442], Del Moral-Flores et al. 2016:139 [ref. 34398], Weigmann 2016:165 [ref. 34211], Robertson et al. 2020:153 [ref. 38098], Robertson et al. 2022:86 [ref. 39353], Séret & Quod 2023:2 [ref. 40565]). Current status: Valid as Chimaera cubana Howell Rivero 1936. Chimaeridae. Distribution: Western Atlantic: Cuba, Puerto Rico and northern Lesser Antilles (Caribbean Sea). Habitat: marine.

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