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Species related to Diplobatis guamachensis: [ 1 ] record

guamachensis, Diplobatis Martín Salazar [F. J.] 1957:2, Fig. 1 [Novedades Cientificas, Contribuciones Ocasionales del Museo de Historia Natural La Salle, Serie Zoológica No. 21; ref. 12085] El Guamache, Gulf of Cariaco, Sucre, Venezuela, depth 18 fathoms. Holotype: MHNLS 14351. Paratypes: MHNLS 14402 (1). •Synonym of Diplobatis pictus Palmer 1950, but a valid subspecies -- (Fechhelm & McEachran 1984:188 [ref. 5227], Cervigón & Alcalá 1999:157 [ref. 24490]). •Valid as Diplobatis guamachensis Martín Salazar 1957 -- (Cervigón 1992:208 [ref. 23827], McEachran & Carvalho 2003:522 [ref. 26985], Weigmann 2016:73 [ref. 34211], Carvalho & Last 2016:145 [ref. 34996], Ehemann et al. 2019:[6] [ref. 36861]). Current status: Valid as Diplobatis guamachensis Martín Salazar 1957. Narcinidae. Distribution: Western Atlantic: Colombia and Venezuela to Trinidad Islands (southern Caribbean Sea). Habitat: marine.

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