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Species related to Lampris megalopsis: [ 1 ] record

megalopsis, Lampris Underkoffler [K. E.], Luers [M. A.], Hyde [J. R.] & Craig [M. T.] 2018:561, Fig. 4F [Zootaxa 4413 (no. 3); ref. 35908] 23°-26°N, 140°-155°W. Holotype: USNM 402733. Paratype: USNM. •Valid as Lampris megalopsis Underkoffler, Luers, Hyde & Craig 2018 -- (Fricke et al. 2019:69 [ref. 36673], Sonoyama et al. 2020:27 [ref. 37637], Love et al. 2021:74 [ref. 39279], Terlecki et al. 2022:[6] [ref. 39264], Carvalho-Filho 2023:95 [ref. 40480], Lee et al. 2023:137 [ref. 40367]). Current status: Valid as Lampris megalopsis Underkoffler, Luers, Hyde & Craig 2018. Lampridae. Distribution: Circumglobal in tropical and warm temperate seas (including Gulf of Mexico and Sea of Japan). Habitat: marine.

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