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piquitinga, Sardinella Schreiner [C.] & Miranda Ribeiro [A. de] 1903:6 [Arquivos do Museu Nacional de Rio de Janeiro v. 12 (for 1902); ref. 15045] Mercado de São Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. Syntypes: (2) MNRJ. •Valid as Lile piquitinga (Schreiner & Miranda Ribeiro 1903) -- (Whitehead 1985:128 [ref. 5141], Cervigón 1991:89 [ref. 24472], Cervigón 1992:300 [ref. 23827], Castro-Aguirre et al. 1999:109 [ref. 24550], Castro-Aguirre et al. 2002:1 [ref. 26610], Menezes in Menezes et al. 2003:41 [ref. 27192], Munroe & Nizinski 2003:823 [ref. 26997], Di Dario et al. 2011:549 [ref. 31478], Angulo et al. 2013:990 [ref. 33194], Di Dario et al. 2013:262 [ref. 37503], Petry et al. 2016:300 [ref. 34966], Caires et al. in Marceniuk et al. 2021:154 [ref. 38945]). Current status: Valid as Lile piquitinga (Schreiner & Miranda Ribeiro 1903). Dorosomatidae. Distribution: Southwestern Atlantic: fresh and brackish waters of Atlantic drainage of Costa Rica, Venezuela and Brazil. Habitat: freshwater, brackish.

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