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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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Species in the genus Megalonibea: [ 1 ] record

fusca, Megalonibea Chu [Y.-T.], Lo [Y.-L.] & Wu [H.-L.] 1963:35 [English p. 90], Figs. 19, 48, 74 [Publications Shanghai Fisheries Institute; ref. 833] Shanghai fish market, China. Holotype (unique): SFC [? now at Amoy]. One specimen but localities as coast of Kiangsu and Chekiang provinces. •Valid as Megalonibea fusca Chu, Lo & Wu 1963 -- (Trewavas 1977:360 [ref. 4459], Okamura in Masuda et al. 1984:162 [ref. 6441], Nakabo 2000:868 [ref. 25182], Nakabo 2002:868 [ref. 26193]). •Tentatively referred to Protonibea Trewavas 1971 -- (Lo et al. 2017:14 [ref. 35288], •Tentatively considered a synonym of Protonibea Trewavas 1971 -- (Lo et al. 2017:14 [ref. 35288]).). Current status: Valid as Megalonibea fusca Chu, Lo & Wu 1963. Sciaenidae. Distribution: Northwestern Pacific: East China Sea (China and Japan). Habitat: marine.