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Species related to Opistognathus whitehursti: [ 2 ] records

whitehursti, Gnathypops Longley [W. H.] 1927:222 [Carnegie Institution of Washington Year Book No. 26; ref. 5630] Tortugas, Florida, U.S.A. Holotype: USNM 5689. Paratypes: USNM 5866 (2). Regarded as available as by indication as "... Gnathypops maxillosa Jordan and Evermann is not the same as Gnathypops maxillosa (Poey). For the former, first collected at Tortugas by Dr. Whitehurst, I propose the name G. whitehursti. Jordan and Evermann was known to all at that time period as "The Fishes of North and Middle America." Gnathypops maxillosa occurs on p. 2284 in that work. A description appeared in Longley & Hildebrand 1940:262-264 with the spelling whitehurstii. We suggest using the original spelling whitehursti. •Valid as Opistognathus whitehursti (Longley 1927) -- (Robins & Ray 1986:217 [ref. 23100], Cervigón 1994:19 [ref. 24488] as whitehurstii, Smith-Vaniz 1997:1118 [ref. 22985], Schmitter-Soto et al. 2000:158 [ref. 27754] dated 1940, Collette et al. 2003:113 [ref. 26784], Smith-Vaniz 2003:1378 [ref. 27083], Smith et al. 2003:27 [ref. 27621] as whitehurstii, Nelson et al. 2004:130 [ref. 27807], McEachran & Fechhelm 2005:210 [ref. 28815], Page et al. 2013:134 [ref. 32708], Smith-Vaniz & Jelks 2014:44 [ref. 33341], Smith-Vaniz et al. 2018:111 [ref. 36264], Escobar-Sierra et al. 2021:79 [ref. 38844], Martínez-Servín et al. 2023:115 [ref. 40726]). Current status: Valid as Opistognathus whitehursti (Longley 1927). Opistognathidae. Distribution: Western Atlantic: including Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea. Habitat: marine.

chaplini, Upsilonognathus Fowler [H. W.] 1946:5, Fig. 1 [Notulae Naturae (Philadelphia) No. 181; ref. 1455] North beach of Hog Island, Nassau, Bahamas. Holotype (unique): ANSP 71727. Type catalog: Böhlke 1984:135 [ref. 13621]. •Synonym of Opistognathus whitehursti (Longley & Hildebrand 1940) -- (Smith-Vaniz 1997:1120 [ref. 22985] as whitehursti). Current status: Synonym of Opistognathus whitehursti (Longley 1927). Opistognathidae. Habitat: marine.

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