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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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Species related to Stathmonotus culebrai: [ 1 ] record

culebrai, Stathmonotus Seale [A.] 1940:42, Pl. 5 [Allan Hancock Pacific Expedition 1932-40, Los Angeles v. 9 (no. 1); ref. 12332] Harbor of Culebra, Costa Rica. Holotype (unique): CAS 5745. Misspelled culebrae in Eschmeyer et al. 1998. •Valid as Stathmonotus culebrai Seale 1940 -- (Hastings & Springer 1994:27 [ref. 21894], Allen & Robertson 1994:251 [ref. 22193], Hastings in Fischer et al. 1995:999 [ref. 22829], Patzner et al. 2009:471 [ref. 30396], Kim & Hastings 2013:8 [ref. 33286] in Labrisomidae). Current status: Valid as Stathmonotus culebrai Seale 1940. Labrisomidae. Distribution: Eastern Pacific. Habitat: marine.

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