California Academy of Sciences

Department of Invertebrate Zoology & Geology

Active Associates (as of 12 September 2019)


Research Associate: Individuals closely associated with a department through collaborative scientific research with departmental staff, independent research clearly in support of department goals, or ongoing contributions to the growth, development, and/or use of departmental collections and facillities.

Field Associate: Individuals associated with a department primarily through fieldwork, collecting specimens and/or data on behalf of the department or in suppot of staff scientific research, or providing ongoing logistical support for departmental field activities.

Associate: An unspecified category, used to recognize individuals closely affiliated with a department, but not assignable to either of the first two categories. For example, individuals who provide ongoing professional services to a department (e.g., identifications, consultation) or direct financial support might be recognized in this manner.

Research Associates

Fabienne Audebert * David Behrens * Hans Bertsch * James Carlton * Dana Carrison-Stone

Jei-Ying Chen * Eugene Coan * Anne Cohen * Neil Fahy * Daphne Fautin * Elisabeth Fourtanier * Allison Fritts-Penniman *

Jeffrey Goddard * Daniel Gotshall * Joshua Hallas * John Holleman * Christine Huffard

Matthew James * Michael Kellogg * Welton Lee * Lindsey Leighton * David Lindberg * Susanne Lockhart

Christopher Mah * Louie Marincovich * Shayle Matsuda * Michael Murphy * John Pearse * Marta Pola-Perez

Charles Powell * Peter Rodda * Carol Tang * Angel Valdes * Robert Van Syoc * Mary Wicksten

Field Associates

Robert Bolland * Casey Burns * Patrick Embree * Kelly Markello * Brian Selleck * Elizabeth Moore Tate * Mary Lyn Villaume



Anne Cohen * Neil Fahy * Daniel Gotshall * Joan Steinberg