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oEchinoderm Links
Taxonomic website on the genera of Echinoidea. The site currently
stands at some 3400 items and about 400 high quality images of the
genera, comprehensive for the Diadematoida, Echinoida, Holectypoida,
Salenioida and Clypeasteroida. In addition there are systematic keys and
introductory sections on the morphology and biology of echinoids.

The Virtual Echinoderm Newsletter is run out of the Smithsonian
Institution at:

The Echinodermata Hub Site (links to Databases, Images, etc.)

Smithsonian NMNH - Department of Systematic Biology - Invertebrate Zoology

Echinodermata Morphology

Zoological Museum of the University of Copenhagen

Starfish behavior and ecology

Tree of Life Echinoderm page:

Echinoderm Links

Marine Invertebrates of Hawai'i

Gallery of Echinoderm Larvae

Keys to the Echinoderms of the Wood’s Hole Region

Wood’s Hole Specimen Database

Data on Echinoderm Trees (short review of Echinoderm phylogeny)

Asteroidea Digestive System

Fossil Brittle star Bed in the Czech Republic

BIOQuest Crinoid Education Page

Chuck Messing's Comatulid Web Page!

Tree of Life Crinoid Page (by Ausich and Messing)

Sea Urchin Harvesters Association Web Page


Ask a Scientist Echinoderm Questions

The Shape of Life - Echinodermata


Salt Water Aquariums

Long Island Seashore Creatures

Echinoderm Link

Echinoderm Link

Introduction to the Echinodermata

Echinoderm Link

Animal Diversity Web - Echinodermata

Museum of Natural History- London, Paleontology Department

Echinoderm Fossils of Kentucky

Palaeontological Museum, University of Oslo

oEchinoderm Researcher Web Links

Dr. Maria Byrne Publications

Dr. Bruno David Phylogeny of the Echinodermata and Spatangoid Urchins

Dr. Richard Emlet’s Web Page (Reproductive Echinoderm Biology)

Dr. Benjamin J. Greenstein( fossil A. planci and echinoid ossicles)

Phil Lambert’s web page (Pacific Northwest Holothuroid Systematics)

Dr. James B. McClintock's home page- Physiology and biology of Invertebrates

Dr. Charles Messing Systematics, phylogeny, biogeography and ecology of living crinoids

oLinks to Echinoderm Images

Echinoderm Photovault

More Echinoderms of Hawai'i

Dorsal and ventral views of a brittle star

Another dorsal and ventral view of a brittle stars


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