Scavenger Hunt Clue Sheet
California Academy of Sciences Library

Students who are stuck on different letters of the A-Z Scavenger Hunt can be directed to the following halls.  There is at least one item in each of the listed halls that begins with the corresponding letter. This is not a comprehensive list. Many of the letters appear multiple times in multiple halls.

Scavenger Hunt cover sheet in PDF | A-Z form in PDF

A: Gems & Minerals; Swamp; Skulls N: African hall; Swamp; Elkus; Aquarium
B: African hall; Wild California, Insect Room, Elkus O: African hall; Wild California
C: African hall; Aquarium; Gary Larson hall, Life through Time P: Wild California; Hohfeld hall; Elkus
D: African hall; Skulls; Aquarium; Life through Time Q: Wild California; X-Ray Ichthyology; Gems & Minerals
E: Wild California; Aquarium R: Elkus; African hall
F: Swamp; Life through Time; Fountain Courtyard S: African hall; Earthquake!; Life through Time
G: Wild California; African Hall; Gems & Minerals T: Herbst Portico; Wild California
H: African hall; Gary Larson hall; X-Ray Ichthyology U: Gems & Minerals; Life through Time; Wattis Gallery
I: Gems & Minerals; Life through Time; Insect Room V: African hall; Aquarium
J: Gems & Minerals; Elkus W: Skulls; Aquarium
K: Wild California; African hall; Elkus; Aquarium X: Swamp; X-Ray Ichthyology
L: African hall; Life through Time; Aquarium Y: Fish Roundabout; Insect Room
M: Wild California; Hohfeld hall; Wattis Gallery Z: African hall; Gems & Minerals; X-Ray Ichthyology

The Swamp is the part of the Aquarium with reptiles and amphibians on display.

Academy floor plan

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