Alice Eastwood Correspondents

Name Date of Correspondence Institution/City
"Coarie" Hutchings (Mills) 1942 Yosemite
[A. Foscher v. Waldheim] 1906 Director, Kaiserlichen Botanischen Garten, in St. Petersberg (Germany?)
[A.D. Cotton] 1924-1939 Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Surrey
[A.H. Hollingshead] 1921-1925 Santa Clara County; England
[Alaine] White 1932 Huntington Gardens, Pasadena
[Bessie Hooker Lent] 1926 San Francisco
[Bessie W. Kibbe] 1924-1944 State CA Dep't of Nat. Resources, Division of Fish and Game, Librarian
[C.R. Letteer] 1917 Superintendent, USDA, Bureau of Plant Industry, Western Irrigation Agriculture, San Antonio Experiment Farm
[Celise Van Cliff Herrin] 1933 Baltimore
[Deann C. Keenan] 1936 Berkeley
[Ellinor] Davidson 1939-1942 2221 Washington St., SF
[Eluahl] Wickson Kelly 1944 Santa Barbara
[Erling Porsett] 1948 Santa Rosa
[Esther] Lansdale undated The Women's City Club of San Francisco; Save the Redwoods League
[Geo. B. Sudworth] 1914 Dendrologist, USDA Forest Service, WDC
[Geo. R. Kleeberger] 1922-1924 Oakland, Los Gatos
[George] Davidson 1906, 1923 UCB; 2221 Washington St., SF
[Grace U. Leushing] 1933 Mill Valley
[H. Spencer] Black 1932 Berkelely
[H.E. McMinn] 1923-1939 D/Bot, Mills College; later President, California Botanical Society
[H.E. Stapleton] 1935 Sands, St. Bredlade, Jersey, C.I., [England]
[Harris Nobles Hatto 1915 Monterey
[Harry Land] undated New York
[Herbert M. Evans] 1940 UCB Inst. of Experimental Biology
[Hilmer A.] Rosenquist 1906 SF
[J. Hansen] 1906 np
[J. Leo Holm] 1921 Clinton, MD
[J.M.] Rose 1906-1928 Associate Curator, Division of Plants, U.S. National Museum, Smithsonian Institution
[J.M.Beadle] 1920 Biltmore Estate, Office of Superintendent, Biltmore, NC
[James P.] Babcock 1916 Provincial Fisheries Dep't, Victoria, B.C.
[Jerome McNair] 1917 Prof. Bot, Florida State College for Women, Tallahassee, FL
[John M. Macoun] 1906-1914 Geological Survey of Canada
[L.S. Gibles] 1915-1924 London
[Lina Lichtman] 1931 Vice-President, Himalayan Research Institute of the Roerich Museum, India
[Lulu] M. Pritchett 1947 Denver
[M.O. Malte] 1923 Chief Botanist, National Herbarium
[Matilda Smith] 1912-1919 The Herbarium, Kew Gardens
[Mrs. W.C.] 1906 Washington, D.C.
[Pierson G. Dubrow] 1925 Aetna Insurance Co., SF
[S.W.] Smith 1920 on the train
[Stacchini] 1925 Stazione Sperimentale Di Floricultura in San Remo, Italy
[Steve] Campbell 1922 Pasadena
[Theo Labouchere] 1915 Pasadena
[Theo. D.A. Cockerell 1915-1946 D/Biology, Univ. CO, Boulder
[Violet] Wallace [1911] Old Orchard, Broadstone, Dorset, England
[Vvedensvy] 1926-1929 Botanical Institute of Middle Asia State University, Tashkent, U.S.S.R.
[W.J. Bean] 1921-1925 [Curator], Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Surrey
[W.M. Gorman] 1925 Forestry Building, Portland, OR
[W.R.] Dykes 1909 Charterhouse, Godalming, England
[Wihealle Cockerell] 1934, 1942 Boulder, CO
[Wm. C. Cusick] 1911-1912 Union, OR
[Y]sabel Wright (Mrs. John D. 1931 Santa Barbara
A. Bruce Jackson 1912-1937 Royal Botanic Garden, Kew, Surrey
A. Gepp 1923-1951 British Museum of Natural History
A. Grove 1915-1938 London; Kew, Surrey, England
A. LeRoy Andrews 1923-1930 Ithaca, NY (Cornell)
A. Lincoln Fellows 1922 USDA, Bureau of Public Roads, Denver
A. Norton 1916-1922 Kew; Pacific Grove
A. S. Hitchcock 1906-1915 USDA BPI, Office of Botanical Investigations and Experiments; Senior Botanist in charge of Systematic Agrostology, Office address: Smithsonian
A. Stephen Vavra undated West Los Angeles
A. W. Gray 1936-1937 The Botany School, Cambridge, England
A. Wetmore 1925-1930 Assistant Secretary, Smithsonian Institution, U.S. National Museum, WDC
A.A. Eaton 1908 Ames Botanical Library, North Easton, MA
A.A. Heller 1906-1940 Univ. of Nevada; Chico (own folder)
A.B. Bevans 1927-1932 Santa Cruz
A.B. Dorenus 1916-1926 Santa Barbara
A.C. Smith 1945 Curator of the Herbarium, Arnold Arboretum
A.C. Whitford, Ph.D. 1941 Research Chemist, Ocala, FL
A.D. Moller 1928 Mercy Hospital, Bakersfield
A.D. Shamel 1921-1943 Physiologist, USDA BPI Horticultural and Pomological Investigations, Riverside
A.D.E. Elmer 1922-1929 Manila, Phillipines
A.E. Kundred 1926 "A.E. Kundred, The Originator of the Ruffled and the Laciniated Gladioli, Goshen, Indiana"
A.E. Porsild 1947 Chief Botanist, Canada Dep't of Mines and Resources
A.E. Waller 1925 D/Bot, Ohio State U, Columbus
A.E. Weislander 1944 Director, USFS California Forest and Range Experiment Station
A.G. Brown 1918 Forest Service, SF
A.H. Kramer 1930-1934 USDA Forest Service, Lassen Nat'l Forest, Susanville, Crescent City
A.J. Grout 1938 Bookseller, Newfane, Vermont
A.J. Wilmott 1931 British Museum
A.L. Bolton 1927 Atlas Heating & Venting, SF
A.L. Hershey 1939 Botanist, New Mexico State College, State College, New Mexico
A.L. Townsend 1928-1933 Fresno
A.M. Johnson 1937 D/Bot, UCLA
A.M. Showalter 1925 D/Bot, Stanford
A.R. Valen[tien] 1915-1919 San Diego
A.S. Russell undated Lafayette, CA
A.T. Graff 1920-1927 Proprietor, Trospers, Cazadero, Sonoma County
A.W. Roover 1919-1922 Roover Brothers, Type Embossing Presses, Brooklyn, NY
A.W. Sampson 1925 Assoc. Prof. Forestry, College of Agriculture, Div. of Forestry/UCB
A[nnal..] E. Klumpke 1930 Paris
Ada G. Fitch 1922, 1929 Surrey, Herbarium (Kew?)
Ada Tims Klocker 1927-1940 Medford, Oregon
Ada V. Turner 1947 Portland, OR
Adana V. Brown 1937 LA
Addie Ghirardelli 1922-1937 San Mateo
Adele Dahl undated Tahoe City
Adele Lewis Grant 1919-1931 Teaching Fellow, Missouri Botanical Garden and Shaw School of Botany of Washington University; Acting Curator of the Herbarium
Adele O. Me[into] undated Palm Springs
Adolph Holm 1917-1932 Honolulu; Redwood City
Adriance S. Foster 1942 Assoc. Prof. of Bot, UCB
Agnes Arber 1926 Cambridge, England
Agnes Chase 1929-1946 USDA BPI, Associate Agrostologist (address Smithsonian Institution), Sr.Agrostologist, Sr. Botanist; Smithsonian, US Nat'l Museum, Custodian of Grasses
Agnes Cowing 1922 Cragsmoore, Ulster County, New York
Alan A. Beetle 1941 Jr. Agronomist,UCB Ag. Exp. Station
Alan J. Galloway 1929 SF
Alban Stewart 1915 [Univ. of WI], Madison, WI
Albert B. McKee 1929-1942 Redwood City
Albert B. Reagan undated Queets River Day School, Clearwater, WA
Albert C. Crawford 1917, 1919 Medical School, Division of Pharmacology, Stanford
Albert C. Herre 1920, 1944 Directory & Head, D/Biology, Washington State Normal School, Bellingham; Natural History Museum, Stanford
Albert J. Perkins 1935 Santa Rosa
Albert Levan 1938 Cyto-Genetic Dep't, Swedish Seed Association, Sweden
Albert M. Vollmer 1933-1941 M.D., SF
Albert R. Sweetser 1908-1939 D/Biology, Univ. of Oregon, Eugene
Albert Wilson 1945 Garden Consultant, Botanist, Nursery Service, Menlo Park
Alberto Castellanos 1941 Buenos Aires
Alberto V. Oitaven 1936 El Director de Paseos Y Jardines de la Municipalidad de La Plata, Argentina
Alex Gardiner 1917 SF
Alexander Alfonsowitsh Grossheim 1923 Kaukares, Botanical Garden [Poland]
Alexander Hume Ford 1924 Director, Pan-Pacific Union, Honolulu
Alexander W. Evans 1921-1924 Osborn Botanical Laboratory
Alfred Bradbury 1944 York, England
Alfred D. Robinson 1925 Proprietor, Rosecroft Begonia Gardens, Point Loma
Alfred J. Burrows 1941 UCB
Alfred R. Wallace 1913 Old Orchard, Broadstone, Dorset, England
Alfred Rehder 1913-1947 Curator of Herbarium, Arnold Arboretum
Alfreda Berkeley 1921 Nanaimo, BC
Alice B. Wright 1910,1915 El Granada, San Mateo County
Alice Bay Maloney 1940 Berkeley
Alice H. Salande 1919 SF
Alice Hanks undated Santa Barbara
Alice King 1918 Steptoe, Nevada
Alice M. Ottley 1932 D/Bot, Wellesley
Alice M. Rainford 1948 San Diego
Alice Schmiedell 1953 Ross, Marin County
Allan C. Fraser 1915 Instructor, D/Plant Breeding, Cornell
Allen L. Chickering 1927, 1944 Chickering &Gregory Law Offices, 111 Sutter, SF
Allie R. Seitz 1929 Atascadero
Almira Hall Eddie 1923-1930 Santa Barbara, Hotel Del Monte, Del Monte, CA
Alvin Berger 1923-1927 Stuttgart, Germany; Ass't in Research, NY State Experiment Station, Geneva,NY
Alvira F. [Buttle] 1913-1914 Warner Hot Springs (near SD)
Anita Day Hubbard 1948 San Francisco Examiner
Anita M. Noldecke 1944 [SF]
Ann Osterhout Edison 1935, 1939 Llewellyn Park, West Orange, NJ
Anna [Worcester] Kid 1926 Berkeley
Anna A. Jenkins 1915-1923 Weaverville
Anna A. King 1923-1927 Colfax, Loomis, CA
Anna B. Laurence 1929 Boston
Anna D. Ehlers 1919 UCB Agricultural Experiment Station, Plant Pathology
Anna Hamilton 1923 Berkeley
Anna Head 1906-1923 Yosemite, Berkeley; Garden Club of America
Anna McMullin Hays [1906] Tulare County
Anna R. Whiting 1930 Prof. of Biology, Pennsylvania College for Women
Anna Stein 1948 Hotel Majestic, Caracas, Venezuela; SF
Anne Divers 1942 San Franc
Anne H. Wrightson 1938 SF
Anne T. Kent [1947] Kentfield (Marin Garden Club)
Annetta Carter 1944 D/Bot, UCB
Annie E.M. Folger 1920 Modesto
Annie G. Lyle, M.D. 1934, 1941 San Francisco
Annie Lorrain Smith 1912-1936 London
Annie M. Alexander 1940-1948 Oakland, Suisun
Annie M. Piper 1922 Boston
Annie R. McNally 1920 Secretary, Denman Alumnae
Ansel Adams 1922 Yosemite
Antoine de Chaulot 1947 Paris
Antone Blazic 1921-1927 Los Angeles
Antone J. Soares 1919-1925 Hayward
Archibald J. Morris 1913-1915 Secretary, First Nat'l Bank of Pasadena
Arma Cramsie 1923-1933 Smartsville, [CA]
Arnold J. Noerager 1936-1945 Rancagua, Chile
Arthur Cronquist 1943 various places (MN, GA)
Arthur D. Houghton 1916 Los Angeles
Arthur Gibson 1921 Secretary, John Macoun Memorial Fund, Ottawa, Canada
Arthur L. Peck 1929 Professor of Landscape Architecture, OAC, Corvallis
Arthur P. Kelley 1925 D/Bot, Rutgers
Arthur S. Girownd Santa Monica
Arthur W. Haupt 1945 D/Bot, UCLA
Arthur W. Hill 1924-1939 Director, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Surrey, England
Aubrey Butler 1929 Healdsburg
Aubrey Neasham 1946 Regional Historian, USDA, Dep't Interior, NPS, Region 4, SF
August Anderberg 1945 180 Vasques, SF
August Leinard 1927 Mill Valley
Augusta Brewer 1939 Wilmington, DE
Austin Raymond 1924-1938 Waldo, OR, c/o Patricks Creek Hotel, E.F. Raymond, Propietor
Ava E. Parrish undated Bishop Pine Lodge, Trinidad, CA
Ave Paulsen 1913 Copenhagen Botanical Museum
Aven Nelson 1930-1940 Professor, Curator Rocky Mountain Herbarium, D/Bot, Univ. Wyoming
B. Dennart Johnson 1942 Teaching Assistant, D/Botany, Univ. of MN, Minneapolis
B. Tshirkov 1932 U.S.S.R. Institute of Plant Industry, Leningrad
B.A. Krukoff 1934-1940 New York Botanical Garden
B.C. Tharp 1945 Director, D/Bot & Bacteriology, Univ. of Texas, Austin
B.E. Amyx 1934 Niles, CA
B.H. Mace 1923 Forest Supervisor, USDA Forest Service, Trinity Nat'l Forest, Weaverville, CA
B.J.S. Cahill 1938 Alameda, CA
B.W. Ritter 1920 Durango, CO
B.Y. Morrison 1933-1944 Editor, National Horticultural Magazine, WDC; Principal Horticulturalist in Charge, USDA BPI Division of Plant Exploration and Introduction, WDC
Barbara Donohoe 1933, 1939 Plantation, Georgetown, South Carolina; Virginia; SF; Woodside-Atherton Garden Club
Barbara Greene 1922 SF
Beatrice L. Roy 1922 USDA BPI WDC, Crop Physiology and Breeding Investigations
Bell R. Jackson undated Inverness
Ben Brooks 1917-1943 Kansas City, Chicago, SF
Ben Macomber 1930-1943 SF Chronicle
Benjamin Lincoln Robinson 1906-1934 Curator, Gray Herbarium
Bernard Benfield 1924 San Francisco
Bernard Boivin 1947 Victoria Memorial Museum, Ottawa, Canada
Bernard Quaritch 1938-1946 Bernard Quaritch, Ltd., Booksellers, London
Bernard Rowntree 1929 Carmel
Bertha Lutz 1940, 1945 New Rochelle, NY
Bess Cowley 1932-1948 Senior Seed Analyst, Bureau of Field Crops, California Seed Laboratory, St.of CA, Dep't Ag, Sacramento
Bessett Maguire 1939-1947 Herbarium, Utah State Agricultural College, Logan; Curator, NY Botanical Garden
Bessie [Hibbe] 1931 Division of Fish and Game, State of CA, SF
Bessie Ames 1906 Jamaica Plains, MA
Bessie Morrisou 1937 Arbuckle, CA
Betty Hammerly 1940 Stanford
Betty Harris 1941 Anderson, CA
Betty Jorgensen 1946 Echo Lake, CA
Blanche C. Weill undated Whipple Barracks, Arizona
Blanche Chalfant 1923 Butte County Free Library
Blanche Clear 1940 Long Beach
Blanche Trask 1914-1917 Indio
Bob Bohmansson 1926-1931 Bohmansson Drug Co., Eureka
Bonnie C. Templeton 1932-1948 Botany Dep't, Office of the Director of the Museum, Los Angeles Museum, Exposition Park; Curator of Botany
Boyd L. Sloane 1932 The Alain C. White and Boyd L. Sloane Stapelia Collection, Pasadena
Bradley M. Davis 1912 D/Bot, Univ.of Penn., Philadelphia
Brighton C. Cain 1927 naturalist, Boy Scouts of America
Brother Cornelius 1938-1953 St. Mary's College, Moraga
C. de Candolle 1909 Geneva, Switzerland
C. Edward Graves 1936 Secretary, Friends of the Western Mountains, Arcata
C. Hart Merriam 1906-1934 Research Associate, USDA Bureau of Biological Survey, Smithsonian, WDC; summer address in Lagunitas, in Marin County (whole folder)
C. Irving Wright 1922 Santa Barbara
C. Leo Hitchcock 1930-1943 Missouri Botanical Garden; D/Bot, Pomona College; University of Montana, Missoula; D/Bot., Univ. WA
C. M. Goethe 1922-1945 Capital National Bank Building, Sacramento
C. Stuart Gager 1920-1942 Director, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn
C.[S]. Adams 1917 Merchants Exchange, SF
C.A. Orcutt 1917 San Diego
C.A. Reed 1916-1940 Santa Cruz
C.A. Wenzel 1915 Jaro, Leyte, Philippine Islands
C.B. Doyle 1927 Agronomist,USDA BPI Cotton, Rubber, and Other Tropical Plants
C.Daryll Forde 1929 D/Anthro, UCB
C.F. Adams 1929 Indiana St. Board of Health, Indianapolis
C.F. Baker 1906 Jefe del Departamento, Estacion Central Agnonomica, Departamento de Botanica, Republica de Cuba
C.F. Saunders 1906-1947 Sequoia, Tuolomne Co.; Pasadena
C.G. Lloyd 1906-1925 The Lloyd Library, Cincinnati
C.J. Hall 1924 Pasadena Vice President, Pacific-Southwest Savings Bank, Pasadena
C.J. Royse 1923 Delano Joint Union High School, Delano
C.L. Hill 1924 In Charge, Office of Forest Products, USDA Forest Service, California District, SF
C.L. Porter 1946-1947 Curator, Rocky Mountain Herbarium, Univ. Wyoming, Laramie
C.L. Purpus 1932 Vera Cruz, Mexico
C.O. Rosendahl 1933-1934 Chair, D/Bot, Univ. of MN, Minneapolis
C.R. Barnett 1923 Librarian, USDA, WDC
C.R. Tower 1934-1947 Nursery Inspector, State of CA D/Ag, LA
C.S. Myska 1924-1936 County Agent, USDA Extension, Ukiah
C.S. Pomeroy 1921-1925 Assistant Pomologist, USDA BPI, Horticultural and Pomological Investigations, Riverside
C.S. Sargent 1906-1926 Arnold Arboretum
C.V. Morton 1940-1946 Assistant Curator, Division of Plants, Smithsonian, U.S. National Museum, WDC
C.V. Piper 1915-1925 USDA BPI Forage-Crop Investigations
C.V. Shuman 1926 SF
C.V. Taylor 1929 Western Society of Naturalists
Camillo Fenzi 1925 Santa Barbara
Camillo Schneider 1915-1918 Berlin
Carl B. Wolf 1929-1945 Dudley Herbarium, Stanford, Curator; Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden
Carl E. Ehmann 1946 State of CA, Dept. of Agriculture
Carl Epling 1925-1945 Asst. Prof. of Botany, U of CA, Southern Branch
Carl Skottsberg 1949-1953 Secretary-General VII International Botanical Congress, Stockholm
Carl Stenholm 1938 Sweden
Carl Woltsberg 1950 Stockholm
Carleton R. Ball 1916-1942 Am. Society of Agronomy; USDA Ag. Adjustment Administration; Executive Secretary of the Coordinating Committee of the Tennessee Valley Authority
Carlos [Juige] 1936 Concepcion, Chile
Carlos J. Hittel 1937 Pacific Grove
Carlotta C. Hall 1936 Berkeley
Carol H. Woodward 1953 New York
Caroline B. Trask 1916 Colfax, CA
Caroline C. Haynes 1933 Highlands, New Jersey
Caroline F. Brewster 1911,1922 Boston
Caroline Harrison 1906-1926 USDA BPI, Office of Assistant Chief of Bureau (own folder)
Caroline Hazard undated Mission Hill, Santa Barbara
Caroline Hunter 1937 Santa Barbara
Caroline L. Ransom 1915 Assistant Curator of Egyptian Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC
Caroline Rixford Byrd 1918, 1943 Canton Christion College; Los Altos
Caroline S. Livermore 1945-1946 President, Marin Conservation League, Ross
Carrie B. Jump 1940 Oakland
Carrie Phillips Cobb 1923 SF
Carroll DeWilton Scott 1921 D/Education, Nat. Hist. Mus., San Diego
Carroll W. Dodge 1917 MissouriBotanical Garden
Catharine H. Hittell 1938 Pacific Grove
Catherine B. Eisen 1943 San Francisco
Cecil Hart 1921-1937 Los Angeles; Montebello
Celia A. Paroni 1935 Berkeley Public Schools, Supervisor of Nature Study
Celia A. Salisbury 1922 Denver
Charle D. Mussner 1922 Superintendent Pathology Field Station, USDA Forest Service, Modal Nat'l Forest, Alturas
Charles A. Shull 1935 D/Bot, Univ. Chicago
Charles A. Weatherby 1920-1936 Assistant, Gray Herbarium; East Hartford, CT
Charles B. Adams 1929,1947 Landscape Architect, LA
Charles B. Hudson 1936 Pacific Grove
Charles B. Lipman 1940 Dean of the Graduate Division and Chairman, Committee on Sixth Pacific Science Congress, UCB
Charles Bergmann 1920 SF
Charles C. Plitt 1919-1922 Baltimore
Charles E. [Darland] 1932 Sequoia National Park
Charles E. Jenney 1907 Noble Brothers, Agents, Real Esate and Insurance, Fresno
Charles F. Harbison 1938 National City, CA
Charles F. Lummis undated Los Angeles
Charles F. Misspaugh 1906-1920 Curator, D/Bot, Field Columbian Museum, Chicago
Charles H. Hanington undated President, Colorado Museum of Natural History, Denver
Charles H. Quibell 1936 D/Ag & Bio, Fresno State Teachers College
Charles J. Chamberlain 1931 D/Bot, Univ. Chicago
Charles Keeler 1935 Berkeley
Charles L. Camp 1925 California Historical Society
Charles L. Taylor 1906-1907 Oakland
Charles M. Forbes 1916 Crocker Building, SF
Charles Piper Smith 1917-1945 Seed Inspection Officer, Maryland State Board of Agriculture, College Park, MD; San Jose
Charles S. Green 1924 Librarian, Oakland Free Library
Charles W. Armstrong 1933-1937 Horticulturist, Van Alpine Gardens, Vancouver, Canada
Charles W. Penland 1942 U.S. Army, Camp Robinson, Arkansas
Charles W. Willard undated 864 Francisco St., SF
Charlotte M. Hoak 1941 Conservation Chair, California Garden Clubs, South Pasadena
Charlotte M. Wilder 1924-1935 Carlotta [Del Norte County near the Klamath River]
Chauncey D. Leake 1944, 1948 Dean, Univ. of Texas - Medical Branch, Galveston
Chauncey S. Goodrich 1921 Attorney at Law, SF
Chester Dudley 1928-1947 Berkeley; Modesto; Brentwood; Turlock
Christabel Beck 1938 The Cottage, Great Amwell, Ware, [England]
Clara A. Hunt 1917-1927 St. Helena
Clara Ludlow 1911-1922 Washington, D.C.
Clara M. Schaeffer 1930 California School of Gardening For Women, Hayward, CA
Clare Percy Westphal 1926 San Jose
Clarence E. Kobriste 1938 Assistant Curator, Arnold Arboretum
Clarence Elliott 1931, 1939 Six Hills Nursery, Alpine & Herbaceous Plants, Stevenage [England]
Clarence R. Quick 1935,1938 D/Bot, UCB
Clarice Nye 1926 Prospect, OR
Clark Wing 1939 CA Dept' of Nat. Resources, Division of Parks, Supervisor
Clarke, Col. Stephenson R. C 1935-1945 Borde Hill, Haywards Heath, Sussex
Claude E. Adams 1938 Canton, Ill.
Claude R. Mowry 1941-1944 Glendale, CA; Portland, OR
Clayton O. Smith 1936 Research Associate in the Experiment Station, UC Riverside
Clinton Abbott 1922-1945 Natural History Museum, Balboa Park, San Diego
Col. R.L. Eichelberg 1940 Commanding Officer, Presidio, SF
Coleena Stewart Cooper undated Wade & Stewart Ranch, Healdsburg
Constance P. Hansen 1936 Berkeley
Cora Hughes Moore 1948 San Diego
Cora Older 1929-1947 Woodhills Ranch, Cupertino, Santa Clara County
Cora W. Jenkins 1923 Director, Jenkins School of Music, Oakland; Alameda County Floral Society
Cornelia E. Cunningham 1913 Antioch
Cornelia Kellogg undated St. Francis Hotel, SF
Cornelia S. Masters [1926] Bellport, Long Island, NY; Pasadena
Cristobal M. Hicken 1920 San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Curtis Wible 1919 Ass't Cashier, Security Trust Company, Bakersfield
Cyril Berkeley 1925-1927 The Biological Station, Nanaimo, BC
D. Andronescu 1923 Romania
D. Brand 1906-1907 Frankfurt, Germany
D. Lehmann 1915 White Pass Station, Yukon
D. MacDougal 1917,1920 Director, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Dep't of Bot. Research, Coastal Laboratory, Carmel, CA, Desert Laboratory, Tucson
D.B. Crane 1932 Wightman & Crane, Shipping & Commission Importers-Exporters, SF
D.B. Swingle 1941 Dean, Division of Science, Montana State College, Bozeman
D.B. Woodruff 1945 Hamm & Birney Mine, Sonora
D.C. Fessenden 1945 California Warehouse Co., LA
D.C. Tiranti 1941 D.C. Tiranti New, Old and Rare Books, NYC
D.E. Josephi 1924 Brookdale
D.F. Petrolz 1913 Germany
D.G. Milbrath 1917, 1946 USDA BPI Plant-Disease Survey, Orange, CA; CA Dept Ag, Plant Pathology
D.W. Coolidge 1925 President, Coolidge Rare Plant Gardens, Pasadena
Daisy S. MacCallum nd Mendocino
Daniel Cleveland 1919 San Diego
David Atkins 1941 1055 Green St., SF; Coastways Ranch, Pescadero, San Mateo Co.
David D. Keck 1928-1942 Carnegie Institution of Washington, Division of Plant Biology (at Stanford)
David Fairchild 1918-1953 USDA BPI Foreign Seed & Plant Introduction, Agricultural Explorer in Charge
David G. Thompson 1917-1920 Ass't Geologist, Water Resources Branch, Dep't of Interior, USGS, Geologic Branch, Barstow
David H. Linder 1938 Curator, Farlow Reference Library and Herbarium of Cryptogamic Botany, Harvard
David Nutt 1927 London, Foreign & English Bookseller
David Potter 1943, 1945 D/Bio, Clark Univ., Worcester, MA
David Prain (Sir) 1906-1927 [Director], Kew Royal Botanic Gardens
David Starr Jordon 1926 Stanford
Don M. Benedict 1927 Forest Botany & Pathology, NY State College of Forestry at Syracuse University
Donavan S. Correll 1942-1947 Botanical Museum of Harvard University
Doris Gillespie 1930 Stanford
Doris H. Blake 1928 Bureau of Entemology, WDC
Dorothea Morgan 1948 Palo Alto
Dorothy Apted 1918-1931 [Stevenage], England
Dorothy Evans Noble 1916 Valyermo, CA
Dorothy H. Huggins 1924-1946 Corresponding Secretary, California Historical Society; Place Names of California; California Folklore Society
Dorothy Hammar 1942-1947 SF
Dorothy Sutliffe 1937 San Francisco
Douglas H.C. Campbell 1944-1946 D/Bot, Stanford
Dr. A. Davidson 1923, 1930 Los Angeles
Dr. A. Fischer 1939 Germany
Dr. A. Robertson 1919 Nice, France
Dr. A.D. Houghton 1929 President, The Cactus & Succulent Society of America, Los Angeles
Dr. Anne E. Perkins 1915, 1916 State of New York - Gowanda State Homeopathic Hospital
Dr. Arthur Donat 1932 Santa Cruz,Costa Sud, Argentina
Dr. E. Goodman 1918 SF
Dr. E. Werdermann 1925,1927 Santiago, Chile
Dr. E.A. Bessey 1922-1923 Prof. Bot., Michigan Ag. College, East Lansing
Dr. E.P. Phillips 1927 Chief, Division of Plant Industry, Pretoria, South Africa
Dr. F. Franceschi 1906-1913 President, Southern California Acclimatizing Association, Santa Barbara
Dr. F. Petrak 1914 -1919 Austria
Dr. Fordyce Grinnell 1916-1923 Pasadena
Dr. Frederick W. Stapff 1937 SF
Dr. H. Hapeman 1927 Minden, Nebraska
Dr. Helen Criswell 1929 Peoples Assembly, SF
Dr. John Wilz Hudson 1916-1930 Ukiah
Dr. Med Fischer
Dr. S.W. Geiser 1942 Head, D/Biol., Southern Methodist Univ., Dallas
Dr. T. Martin 1927 Tulare, CA
Dr. W. Barclay Steve 1923 Alameda
Dwight Ripley 1947 Wappingers Falls, NY
E. Oertel 1936 Associate Apiculturist, USDA, Bureau of Entomology & Plant Quarantine, Southern States Bee Culture Field Laboratory, Baton Rouge, LA
E. P. Dutton & Co. 1917 New York (invoice only; and P.C.s from E. P. Dutton)
E. Phillip Turner 1930 Director, State Forest Service, Wellington, NZ
E. Roy Weston 1926-1930s SF, Bakersfield
E. Simon 1934-1936 Vice President of the Societe Botanique de la France
E.A. Alderman 1943 Santa Barbara
E.B. Mains 1940 Director, University Herbarium, Univ. Michigan, Ann Arbor
E.C. Andrews 1939-1945 Geological Srvey, Dept of Mines, Sydney, Australia
E.C. Williams 1945 Los Angeles County Museum
E.D. Roe 1918 SF
E.E. Stanford 1928-1935 Prof. Bot., College of the Pacific, Stockton
E.E. Watson 1926 D/Bot, Michigan State College, East Lansing
E.E. Wetergreen 1927 Advertising, Publicity, Promotion Campaigns, Oakland
E.F. Guba 1932 Assistant Research Professor of Botany, Massachusetts State College, ExperimentStation, Waltham, MA
E.F. Hoffer 1930 City and Kentia Nurseries, Santa Barbara
E.H. Brundquist 1941 Univ. of Col. School of Medicine, Denver
E.H. Bryan 1932-1940 Curator Collections, Bernice Bishop Museum, Honolulu
E.H. Wilson 1916-1930 Arnold Arboretum, Ass't Director
E.J. [Molern] 1921 University Club, SF
E.J. Hollopeter 1924 Hollopeter & Geoglein, Blacksmithing, Durango, CO
E.M. Calmer 1939 Calmer's California Wild Flower Nursery, Dos Rios
E.M. Dickins 1933 Lake OsborneNursery, Lake Worth, Florida
E.O. Essig 1927-1944 UCB Entomology &Parasitology, Professor, President Am. Fuschia Society
E.O. Orpet 1921-1945 Superintendent of Parks, Santa Barbara
E.O. Wooton 1906 New Mexico College of Agriculture & Mechanic Arts
E.P. Meinecke 1917-1946 Forest Pathologist, USDA BPI, SF
E.R. Simmons 1914 Cambridge, MA
E.V. Burke 1924 Stockton
E.W. Gifford 1929-1938 Curator, UC Museum of Anthropology, SF (Parnassus and 2nd Ave), Berkeley
E.W. Nelson 1906 USDA Bureau of Biological Survey
Earl Edward Sherff 1934-1946 Associate Editor, Taxonomy, The Botanical Gazette, Chicago; Head of the Department of Science, Chicago Teachers College
Earl L. Core 1940 Curator of the Herbarium, West Virginia Univ., Morgantown, WV
Earl Lynd Johnston 1917 Coleman, Weld County, CO, USDA Bureau of Crop Estimates
Edgar [T.] Wherry 1939,1940 Univ. of Penn., Assoc. Prof. Bot.
Edgar Anderson 1944 Missouri Botanical Garden
Edgar B. Davison 1918-1944 Ballard,Santa Ynez, CA
Edgar Baxter 1932 Bellflower
Edgar M. Kahn 1943,1945 Boy Scouts of America, SF
Edith Berkeley 1922 The Biological Station, Nanaimo, BC
Edith Coleman 1947 Victoria, Australia
Edith D. King nd San Francisco
Edith D[ruman] Gragg 1929-1932 San Luis Obispo
Edith Long 1927-1945 Berkeley
Edith V.A. Murphy 1928-1931 Covelo, CA
Edith Van Antwerp 1925 Hillsborough Garden Club, Burlingame
Edith W. Allynend 2609 Gough, SF
Edmund Jaeger 1921-1946 D/Zoology, Riverside Community College, Riverside
Edmund P. Sheldon 1906 Secretary, Oregon Lumber Manufacturers' Association, Portland
Edmund R. Cross 1913 Denver
Edna H. Black 1941 Garden Section of the Tamalpais Centre Woman's Club, Kentfield
Edward [J. Kotok] 1912 USDA Forest Service, Shasta Nat'l Forest
Edward A. Howard 1917-1926;1930, 1936 Santa Fe Springs; Horticultural Specialist, Dealer in Rare Plants, Santa Monica; also Paul J. Howard's Horticultural Establishment
Edward Applegate 1936 Natural History Museum, Stanford
Edward B. Chamberlain 1917 Sullivant Moss Society, New York, Sec.-Treasurer
Edward C. Johnston 1923 [SF]
Edward Eisen 1940 San Francisco
Edward G. Vandevere 1932 SF
Edward H. Graham 1936 Ass't Curator of Botany, Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh, PA
Edward K. Balls 1938 England?
Edward Lee Greene 1906 United States National Museum, Smithsonian Institution (own folder)
Edward M. Ehrhorn 1924 Honolulu
Edward P.E. Troy 1924 Pine Flat, Tulare Co.
Edward Robison Taylor 1907 San Francisco
Edward Teas 1915-1947 Teas Nursery Company, Houston, TX
Edwin B. Bartram 1929-1938 Bushkill, Pike County, PA
Edwin B. Payson 1919-1921 Missouri Botanical Garden
Edwin B.Copeland 1906-1942 Manila; D/Bot, UCB
Edwin Hale Lincoln 1919-1938 Pittsfield, MA, Photographer and Publisher
Edwin W. Unangst 1927 Berkeley
Eileen W. Erlanson 1930 UM Ann Arbor Botanical Gardens, American Wild Roses
Elam Bartholomew 1927 Fungi Columbiani & North American Uredinales, Edited & Published by Elam Bartholomew, Stockton, Kansas
Eleanor C. Margrand 1926 Princeton
Elias J. Duvand 1921 D/Bot., Univ. MN, MN
Elinor Karg 1942,1943 West Los Angeles (Potted Plants, Orchids, Gloxinias)
Elise A. Drexler 1934 SF
Elise delValle 1935 Santa Monica
Elise May Willard 1934-1936 864 Francisco St., SF
Elizabeth Allannd Hayward
Elizabeth B. Campbell 1922 Astronomer, Lick Observatory, UC, SF
Elizabeth C. Fenn 1921-1942 Lindsay, CA
Elizabeth C. White 1926 Pasadena, Yosemite
Elizabeth Creelman 1917 Librarian, Hayward Public Library
Elizabeth Crossley Pearce 1932 Spenceville, Nevada Co., [CA]; French Corral
Elizabeth E. Morse 1926-1948 Berkeley (California Mycological Society, UCB) (whole folder)
Elizabeth G. Britton 1906-1932 NY Botanical Garden
Elizabeth McClintock 1943-1948 Assistant in the Herbarium, D/Bot, UCLA; UMich Ann Arbor
Elizabeth Parsons (Hawver) 1911-1923 Bolinas by the Sea
Elizabeth S. Flint 1924 [Penryn], CA
Elizabeth T. Kent 1925-1935 Kentfield; NWP CA Branch
Ella D. Cantelow 1927-1947 Seattle, Berkeley
Ella M. Coombs 1906-1916 SF, visiting; Prattville, Plumas Co., CA and all over
Ellen Cooper Baxley 1921,1936 Santa Barbara
Ellen W. Miller 1941 Fairfield
Ellsworth L. Bethel 1906-1925 Plant Pathologist, USDA; Director of Nat. History Museum, Denver
Ellsworth P. Killip 1930-1947 Smithsonian, U.S. Nat'l Museum, WDC, Associate Curator, then Curator, Division of Plants
Elmer D. Merrill 1924-1944 Botanist, Bureau of Science, Philippines; Dean, College of Agriculture, UCB; Director-in-chief, NY Botanical Garden; Director, Arnold Arboretum
Elsa Uppman 1947,1948 Garden Editor, Sunset Magazine
Elsbeth Andrae nd Los Angeles
Elsie [Zeile] 1928 on board a ship
Elsie J. Plath 1943 San Francisco
Elton Davis 1933 SF
Emilio Anastazia 1923 [Tobacco Cultivation in Italy]
Emily H. [Frevert] 1916 San Diego
Emily Stevens Smith 1923 [near Collinsville]
Emily Williams Howard nd Cambridge, England
Emma D. Menninger 1946 LA
Emma Linden Marsh 1927-1935 San Luis Obispo; Oakland
Emma Pope nd [SF]
Emmet Rixford, M.D. 1935 San Francisco
Emory E. Smith 1915-1942 Smith, Emery & Company, Inspecting, Testing and Chemical Engineers and Chemists, SF
Enaid Jones 1940 SF
Enid A. Larson 1932 UCB, School of Education
Enid Michael 1921-1947 Yosemite (whole folder)
Enid Reeve 1919 Pasadena
Eric Hulten 1933-1947 Curator, Botanical Museum in Lund, Sweden
Eric Walther 1929-1933 Huntington Botanic Garden, San Marino
Erica Heinrichs 1935 Legacion Alemana, Quito, Ecuador
Erl H. Ellis 1944, 1946 Attorney, Pueblo, CO
Ernest B. Babcock 1924-1947 Professor ofGenetics, UC Ag Exp. Station, Berkeley
Ernest Braunton 1938 LA
Ernest C. Dickson 1919 School ofMedicine, Laboratory of Experimental Medicine, Stanford, in SF
Ernest C. Smith 1943 Curator of the Herbarium, Colorado State College, Fort Collins, CO
Ernest G. Dudley 1916, 1948 Palo Alto; Forest Service, Northfork, CA
Ernest R. Tinkham 1946 Tucson
Ervanna Bowen Bissel 1934? Associate Director, Blaksley Botanic Garden of the Santa Barbara Museum ofNatural History
Erwin G. Gudde 1946 Editor, California Place Names, pub. by UC Press, Berkeley
Estelle M. Seidel 1930 Pelhalm Manor, NY
Ester D. Le Mans 1945, 1946 Phoenix
Esther A. Craigmile 1921 Nature-Science Supervisor, River Forest, IL
Ethel A. Rodda nd SF
Ethel Bailey Higgins 1941-1947 Botany Department, Natural History Museum, Balboa Park, San Diego
Ethel Crocker nd Burlingame
Ethel Crum 1941 Ass't. Curator, Herbarium, D/Bot, UCB
Ethel Hodges 1944 [SF]
Ethel Hyde 1938 Div. Bot., Ag. Exp. Station, UC Davis
Ethel M. Wickes 1936 555 Sutter Street, SF
Ethel Palmer 1932 San Carlos
Ethel S. Gepp 1911-1921 Kew
Etta C. Packer 1921 Alhambra, CA
Eunice J. Taylor 1940-1946 San Francisco
Eva Holmes 1927 County Superintendent of Schools, Napa County
Everett L. Smith 1928,1931 Superintendent, Nursery Service, CA D/Ag, Sacramento; Deputy Agricultural Commissioner, Ventural County, Santa Paula
Ezra Brainerd 1912-1913 Middlebury, VT
Ezra C. Knopf 1921,1927 Avalon; Arcadia
F. Bennett nd Wellington, NewZealand
F. Kermode 1924-1935 Director, Office of Provincial Museum, Victoria, BC
F. Lohnis 1920 USDA BPI Soil-Bacteriology and Plant-Nutrition Investigations, WDC, Soil Biologist
F. Lyle Wynd 1923,1935 Eugene, OR; Missouri Botanical Garden
F. Ray Fosberg 1931-1946 Botanist, Los Angeles Museum of History, Science and Art
F. Tracy Hubbard 1941 Assistant, Botanical Museum of Harvard
F.A. McClure 1925-1941 Ass't Prof. Bot, Canton Christian College, Canton, China; Lingnan University, Canton; WDC
F.A. Varrelman 1916 Bellingham, WA
F.B. Van Horn 1919 Forest Ranger, Descanso, CA
F.C. Stern 1937 Highdown, Goring-By-Sea, Sussex, England
F.C.C. Lynch 1941 Chief, Bureau of Geology & Topography
F.E. Boss 1930 Taylor Milling Co., Stockton
F.H. Howard 1938 Howard & Smith, Nurserymen and Seedsmen, Montebello
F.H. Mason 1917 Canadian Government Exhibition Commission, Panama California International Exposition 1916, San Diego
F.J. Coulter 1928 Motor Carrier's Association of California, SF
F.L. Pickett 1933 Head, D/Bot, State College of Washington, Pullman
F.N. Gerger 1906 Berkeley
F.R.S. Balfour 1909-1944 London, Scotland
F.S. Hall 1925-1933 Director, State Museum, Univ. of Washington, Seattle
F.W. Roewekamp 1941 Landscape Engineer, D/Parks, Div. Forestry, City of LA
Fanny E. Cunningham 1931 San Francisco
Father Verdoorn 1931-1940 Editor, Hepaticae selectae et criticae, Annales Bryologici, Utrecht, Holland; Editor, Chronica Botanica
Fay A. MacFadden 1932-1935 Roscoe, CA; Culver City
Fayette Clute 1918 Camera Craft, SF
Felix Choussy 1917, 1927 Ingeniero Agronomo, San Salvador, El Salvador
Fidella M. Woodcock 1917 San Diego
Flora Hines Longhead Gutierrez 1924 San Andreas
Florence A. Gane 1938 SF
Florence Bolton 1924-1929 Hueneme, Ventura County
Florence D. Davis (Mrs. Charles H.) 1945 San Anselmo
Florence Merriam Bailey 1929 traveling
Floyd L. Martin 1948 Grad. Student in Botany, Pomona College
Forest B.H. Brown 1924 Botanist, Bernice Bishop Museum, Honolulu
Forman T. McLean 1921 Chico
Forrest Shreve 1917-1919 Desert Laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Department of Botanical Research
Fr. Seraphin Muller 1936 St. Anthony's Seminary, Santa Barbara
Frances A. Hallock
Frances B. Linn (Mrs.) 1928 Librarian, The Free Public Library of Santa Barbara
Frances Brown 1939 Durham, CA
Frances L. Ferrero 1928 SF?
Frances Rand Smith 1919 Palo Alto
Francis E. Lloyd 1944 Carmel; Prof. of Botany Emeritus McGill Univ.
Francis Macbride 1915-1918 Assistant, Gray Herbarium
Francis O. Holmes 1938 D/Animal and Plant Pathology, Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, Princeton, NJ
Francis W. Pennell 1914-1946 Univ. of Penn, D/Bot, Sec. Torrey Bot. Club; Curator of Plants, Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia
Francisco del Arco 1936 Consul General of Mexico
Frank A. Leach 1921-1927 Piedmont
Frank A. Leach, Jr. 1940 Piedmont
Frank C. Pellett 1924 American Bee Journal, Frank C. Pellet, Editor, Hamilton, Illinois
Frank Cramer 1917 Palo Alto
Frank E. Todd 1936 Associate Apculturist, USDA B of Entomology & Plant Quarantine, Bee Culture Field Laboratory, Davis, CA
Frank G. Daggett 1919 Director,Museum of History, Science and Art, Los Angeles
Frank G. Seymour 1926-1930 North Amherst, MA
Frank Green 1915 CA College of Pharmacy, UC, SF
Frank H. Steinicke 1932 Aquatic Gardens, Elmira, NY
Frank J. McCoy 1929-1942 Manager, Santa Maria Inn; El EnCanto Hotel, Santa Barbara
Frank L. Meline 1941 Beverly Hills Realtor
Frank M. MacFarland 1935-1951 President of CAS, later at Stanford
Frank Morton Jones 1918 Tucson, AZ; LA; Plumas County
Frank N. Bassett 1923 Jonesville Hotel, Butte Meadows, CA
Frank Stephens 1919 Natural History Museum, Balboa Park, San Diego
Frank T. McFarland 1924 Prof. of Bot, Univ. of KY, Lexington
Frank W. Peirson 1930-1932 Altadena
Frank Walter 1915-1921 Collector of Rare and Native California Seeds and Plants, LA
Frank Williams 1942 Univ. of Nevada, Board of Regents
Franklin P. Metcalf 1932 Lingnan University, Canton
Fred A. Barkley 1939-1942 Curator of the Herbarium, MT St. Univ., Missoula; Ass't in Herbarium, Univ. TX,Austin
Fred Baker 1912-1930 Point Loma, CA
Fred Carpenter 1944 San Anselmo
Fred G. Meyer 1947 Missouri Botanical Garden
Fred Gianocca 1929 Half Moon Bay, CA
Fred Gibson 1932 Ass't Director, Boyce Thompson Southwestern Arboretum, Superior, Arizona
Fred H. Glenny 1943 Ottawa, Ontario
Fred Hohlweg 1924 Drugs and Stationery, Fairfax
Fred M. DeWitt 192[1] Importer andDealer in Books, SF
Fred M. Essig 1928 Asbury College, Wilmore, KY, Prof. of Psychology
Freda [Detwers] 1934 D/Bot.,Curator of Herbarium, USC, LA
Freda Kaufman 1915 Lakeside, CA
Frederic Clements 1912, 1913 D/Bot, U Minnesota
Frederic T. Bioletti 1906-1935 Division of Viticulture & Fruit Products, UCB
Frederick Coville 1907-1936 USDA BPI Taxonomic Investigations
Frederick Grover 1932 Professor of Bot., Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio
Frederick H. Billing 1923 D/Bot. & Bacteriology, Univ. of Redlands
Frederick Maskew 1916 Chief Deputy Quarantine Officer, CA St. Commission of Horticulture
Frederick Simpich 1936 Assistant Editor, National Geographic Magazine, WDC
Frere Lucien Levesque 1946 Service de Biogeographie, Universite de Montreal
G. Ledyard Stebbins 1939-1940 Assistant Professor of Genetics, Ag. Exp. Station, UCB
G. Levi 1918 Levi Store Fixtures, San Francisco
G. Niederholzer 1944 San Francisco
G. Schmidt 1928 Scientific Books and Periodicals, NJ
G. Weidman Groff 1922-1924 Dean, College of Agriculture, Canton Christian College, Canton, China
G.A. Hardy 1925 Assistant Biologist, Office of Provincial Museum, Victoria, B.C., Canada
G.A.L. de Haan 1948 exporter, Ithink from the Dutch Indies
G.K. Merrill 1927 Rockland, Maine
G.L. Wittrock 1940-1947 New York Botanical Garden,Custodian of the Herbarium
G.P. Rixford 1911-1929 crop physiologist, USDA BPI, Western Irrigation Agriculture, San Antonio, TX
G.P. VanEseltine 1921 Assistant Botanist, USDA BPI Foreign Seed and Plant Introduction, WDC
G.R. Gorton 1921-1946 County Horticultural Commissioner, San Diego; Deputy Ag. Commissioner in Charge of Quarantine, Los Angeles County
G.R. Hoerner 1919-1932 Assistant Pathologist, Agent USDA BPI, Oregon State Ag. Col, Corvallis
Galen Clark 1906 Oakland
Garrison K. Hall 1947
Gartensch ö nheit 1931-1933 Berlin (in German)
Genevieve Allen 1926 CA Branch of NWP
George [Rothermel] 1928 American Trust Company, SF
George B. Happ 1941 Prof. of Biology, Curator of Herbarium, The Principia, College of Liberal Arts, Elsah, Illinois
George B. Hinton 1936 Tacubaya, D.F., Mexico
George B. Kaiser 1926 Philadelphia
George B. Rigg 1921 Prof. Physiology, D/Bot, Univ. of WA
George B. Rossback 1937-1948 Cambridge, MA; Dudley Herbarium, Stanford
George B. Van Schaac 1947 D/Mathematics, Union College, Schenectady, NY
George C. Congdon 1906-1908 Law Offices, New York Building, Seattle
George C. Roeding 1915-1927 Fancher Creek Nurseries, Fresno; George C. Roeding Co., Fresno; California Nursery Co., Niles
George C. Roeding, Jr. 1929-1943 California Nursery Co., Niles
George E. Osterhout 1910, 1921 New Windsor, CO
George H. Vansell 1936-1942 Associate Apiculturist, USDA Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Pacific States Bee Culture Field Laboratory, Davis
George H.M. Lawrence 1946-1948 Taxonomist, Bailey Hortorium, Cornell, (replacing Philip A. Munz)
George Haley 1926-1934 Seattle; traveling
George J. Goodman 1932 Director, Missouri Botanical Garden
George L. Church 1933 D/Bot, Brown Univ., Providence, RI
George L. Keenan 1919 USDA Bureau of Chemistry, Michrochemical Laboratory
George L. Moxley 1916-1921 Los Angeles
George L. Zundel 1923 Extention Plant Pathologist, State College of Washington, Pullman
George Lawler 1932 American Bulbs, Tacoma, WA
George M. Hocking 1944 Chief Pharmacognosist, S.B. Penick Co, Botanical Raw Products, NYC
George Neville Jones 1943 D/Bot, Univ. WA Seattle; D/Bot, Univ. of IL, Urbana
George Osborn Hale 1939 Botanist, UCLA
George Syme 1919 Petaluma
George T. Barney 1918 military, in France
George T. Moore 1932 Director, Missouri Botanical Garden
George T. Ruddock 1926 Cape Town, South Africa
George W. Graves 1934 Head, D/Agriculture & Biology
George Wharton James 1921 Pasadena
Georges Coutagne 1922-1923 Lyon, France
Georges Poirault 1922-1933 Directeur del la Villa Thuret, Ministere de L'Agriculture, Institut des Recherches Agronomiques, Cap d'Antibes
Georgia H. Brown 1929 Paso Robles
Georgia V. Coy 1919 San Diego
Gertrude Lester Rowntree 1927-1945 Lester Rowntree & Co., California Wild Flower Seeds, Carmel; Garden Consultant, Field Worker and Seed Collector, Carmel
Gertrude S. Burlingsame 1927-1929 Brooklyn
Gertrude Sinsheimer 1943-1949  
Gertrude T. Steger 1943 President, Shasta Historical Society, Redding
Gifford Pinchot 1906 U.S. Dep't Interior
Gilbert M. Smith 1933 D/Bot., Stanford
Gilberto Montero 1928 Secretario, Museo Nacional, Santiago, Chile
Gooding or Goodding 1930 Dept. of Agriculture
Gouverneur Morris 1936 Manhattan Beach
Grace Cole Fleischman 1946 Senior Seed Analyst, Seed Laboratory Branch at Los Angeles, State of CA, D/Ag
Grace E. Howard 1926 Univ. of WA, Seattle
Grace Hudson 1936 Ukiah
Grace L. Davison 1922-1944 Ballard,Santa Ynez, CA
Grace Norton 1914? [Cambridge, MA]
Grace P. Dyer 1927 Oakland
Grace R. Moore 1934 Berkeley
Graham Heid 1936-1944 Hollywood
Gregory C. Crampton 1933 Crampton's Trading Post, Delhi, CA
Gunnar Samuelsson 1931-1932 Director, Bot. Dep't, Swedish State Museum of Nat. Hist
Gustav Eisen 1911-1940 Rome; New York
Guy L. Fleming 1922-1948 Custodian, Torrey Pines, Scrippos Institution for Biological Research of theUniversity of California, La Jolla
Gwen Newell 1906-1948 San Francisco
H. Andres 1932 Germany
H. Goodale postcard only
H. Hamlin 1943 Editor, Pony Express Courier, SF
H.A. Gleason 1919-1939 Head Curator, New York Botanical Garden
H.Bryan Reed 1938-1947 San Luis Obispo
H.C. Crentzburg 1923 Wayne, PA
H.C. Harter nd Lindsay, CA
H.D. Harrington 1943 Assoc. Prof., D/Bot & Plant Pathology, Colorado State College, Ft. Collins, CO
H.D. House 1916-1918 State Botanist, Albany, NY
H.E. Hasse 1906 [Sawlette] Colorado
H.G. MacMillan 1938 Senior Pathologist, USDA BPI, Horticultural Crops and Diseases, UCLA
H.G. Newman 1934 Santa Paula
H.H. Allan 1933 Systematic Botanist, Plant Research Station, Dept. Ag., New Zealand
H.H. Bartlett 1937 D/Bot, Univ. Michigan
H.H. Keifer 1923 Laboratory Assistant, Entomology Office, State of CA, Dept of Ag, Sacramento
H.H. Richardson 1920 Boston
H.J. Elwes 1906 Cheltenham, [England]
H.J. Scherer 1936-1946 L.B. Merrick Nurseries, Whittier; Long Beach Super. of Parks
H.M. Armitage 1944 Chief, Bureau of Entemology, CA Dept of Ag., Sacramento
H.M. Butterfield 1935-1948 Extension Specialist in Agriculture, UC College of Ag., & USDA Extension,Berkeley
H.M. Hall 1906-1931 D/Bot, UCB
H.R. Jennings 1923 Faculty Advisor, Lowell High School, SF
H.R. Wagner 1924-1940 California Historical Society; Berkeley; San Marino
H.S. Jackson 1935 Prof. of Mycology, Univ. of Toronto, Canada
H.S. Nichols [1929] Healdsburg
H.S. Reed 1925, 1947 Prof. of Plant Physiology, UC Riverside College of Agriculture; UCB
H.T. Gussow 1933 Dominion Botanist, Dominion Experimental Famrs, Ottawa, Canada
H.T. Henning 1927 SF
H.W. Gleason 1913 Long's Peak Inn, Estes Park, CO
H.W. Shepherd 1932-1946 Ass't Professor of Landscape Design, Col. of Ag, Div. of Landscape Design, UCB
Hallawell Seed Co. 1920-1947 Hallawell Seed Co., SF
Halliburton, Inc.
Hannah M. Weinberger 1926 St. Helena
Harlow Shapley 1946 Harvard College Observatory
Harold A. Senn 1938 Ottawa Experimental Farm, Canada D/Ag
Harold C. Bryant 1933-1945 Nat'l Park Service, Grand Cyn
Harold E. Parks 1920 Berkeley; San Jose
Harold Heath 1934-1936 Hopkins Marine Station, Pacific Grove, Stanford
Harold St. John 1917-1942 Cambridge, MA; Assoc. Prof. Bot, State Coll of Washington, Pullman; Botanist, Bishop Museum, Honolulu; Prof. Bot. Univ. HI
Harold Stein 1930 Secretary, Boy Scout Merit Badge Examiners
Harriet A. Walker 1919 Hearst Mining Bldg, UCB
Harriet M. Ames 1941 Carmel
Harriet S. Holmes nd Belvedere
Harriette J. Wigmore 1926 1972 Sacramento St., SF
Harry Ashland Greene 1923-1925 President, Monterey Tree-Growing Club, Monterey
Harry B. Robinson 1943 Executive Secretary, Loomis Museum Association, Lassen Volcanic Nat'l Park, Mineral, CA
Harry Leffmann 1926 Wagner Free Institute of Science, Philadelphia
Harry Leo Cutter 1931 Sonoma
Harry West 1926 Propietor, Forest Lodge, Greenville, Plumas County
Harvey P. Hansen 1929 California Packing Corporation
Hattie M. Neumann 1925 The Willing Workers, Bush St. Temple, SF
Hayward Public Library 1928 Hayward Public Library
Hazel G. Fish nd np
Hazel Payne 1909 Kerby, Oregon
Hazeltine S. Keever 1927 Corte Madera
Hector Alliot 1915-1918 Southwest Museum, LA
Helen Crocker Russelll nd Burlingame
Helen Gilkey 1932-1948 Assoc. Prof. & Curator of the Herbarium, Oregon State Agricultural College, Corvallis
Helen Gordon Barker 1939 SF
Helen Heffernan 1926-1934 Commissioner of Elementary Schools, CA State Board of Education, Sacramento
Helen I. Weaver 1915 Anderson, Shasta County, CA
Helen K. Krauss 1947 Wynnewood, PA
Helen K. Sharsmith 1938-1940 State College of Washington, Pullman; Berkeley
Helen Lois Dale 1927 Palo Alto
Helen M. Bruner 1925 CA St. Lib, Sacramento, Sutro Br.
Helen Politis 1945 President, California Herb Society
Henrietta Walter 1918 College Hill, Cincinnati, OH
Henry A. Boese 1935 SF
Henry C. Tracy n..d Hollywood
Henry D. Davis undated Rapid BluePrint Company, Los Angeles
Henry George Fiedler 1920-1923 Scientific Books and Periodicals, New York
Henry K. Svenson 1932-1946 Ass't Curator of Plants, Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Henry Klopfer undated U.S. Plant Introduction Garden, Chico,
Henry L. Ward 1915 Director, Public Museum of the City of Milwaukee, WI
Herbert Baillie 1916 [SF]
Herbert E. Bolton 1915 Prof. of History, UCB
Herbert E. Gregory 1930, 1935 USD Interior, Geological Survey, WDC, Director, Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu
Herbert Evison 1929 Nat'l Conferenceon State Parks
Herbert F. Copeland 1933-1934 Assoc. Curator of the Herbarium, D/Bot, UCB
Herbert John Webber 1945-1946 Citrus Experiment Station, Riverside
Herbert L. Mason 1934-1947 Associate Curator Herbarium, UCB; then Curator
Herman Knoche 1915-1942 Spain; San Jose
Herman L. Baer 1941 Los Angeles
Hirstel Family 1921-1950
Hjalmar Bostromnd Sweden
Hollywood 1945 Hollywood Knolls Garden Club
Homer W. Marion 1936 Santa Cruz
Horace Clay 1940 Richard G. Atkinson, Grower of Rare Plants, Leucadia, CA
Horace Davis 1906 Board ofTrustees, Stanford
Horacio R. Descole 1937 UniversidadNacional de Tucuman, Republica Argentina
Howard A. Kelly 1924,1925 Baltimore
Howard C. Edwards 1927 Wanganui, New Zealand
Howard Gilkey 1933 Landscape Architect, Oakland
Howard Schoof 1941 SF
Hubert O. Jenkins 1943 Richardson Grove, Humboldt County
Hugh Cutler 1937-1940 Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis
Hugh Evans 1928-1944 Evans Gardens, Specializing in Rare and Unusual Plants, Santa Monica, CA, Evans& Reeves Nurseries, West L.A.
Hugh O'Neill 1942 Curator, Langlois Herbarium, Catholic University of America, WDC
Hugh P. Dearing 1931 Santa Barbara
Hugo Klauber 1924 Board of Park Commissioners, Balboa Park, San Diego, Secretary
Humboldt County 1932 Humboldt County
Humphrey [Pilkington nd San Juan Bautista
Hyacinth Hooker 1911 The Camp, near Sunningdale, England
Ian J. Campbell 1946 County of San Mateo
Ida Bourn 1941 SF
Ida M. Blochman 1906-1930 Berkeley, Santa Maria
Ignatius McGuire 1937,1951 [SF]
Inez Macondray Moore 1926, 1946 SF
Ira C. Otis 1918-1937 Great Northern Railway Company, Seattle
Ira J. Condit 1926, 1943 Assoc. Prof. of Subtropical Horticulture, Citrus Experiment Station, Ag. Exp. Station, UCR, Riverside
Ira L. Wiggins 1928-1948 Dudley Herbarium, Stanford (later Sec-Treas. of BSA)
Ira W. Clokey 1915-1940 South Pasadena (Mining Engineer in 1923 in Iowa)
Irma Weill 1919 Prescott, AZ
Irving Miller 1917 San Luis Obispo
Irwin C. Schumacher 1931 UC Med. School, SF
Isabel McCracken 1917-1948 Stanford
Isobel C. Mair 1945 Librarian, Dominion Rubber Company, Ltd., Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Ivan Johnston 1921-1947 Manitou, CO; Assistant, Gray Herbarium (separate folder)
J. [Kamings] 1924 SF
J. Aug. Kusche 1916-1929 Yukon; Honolulu; Needles; Arizona; Hollywood
J. Brett Davy 1926-1938 Lecturer inTropical Forest Botany, Imperial Forestry Institute, Universityof Oxford
J. Carlisle Youngberg 1926 San Francisco
J. Chester Bradley 1921 Prof. of Entomology, Cornell
J. Davidson 1914 Botanist,Botanical Office, Vancouver, B.C.
J. Duncan Graham 1948 Benicia
J. Ed. McClellan 1942 Dreher, McClellan & McCarthy, Attorneys at Law, SF
J. Eugene Law 1917 Hollywood
J. G. Hawkes 1946 Imperial Bureau of Plant Breeding and Genetics, School of Agriculture, Cambridge, England
J. Gertrude Williams 1920 Santa Barbara Girl's School
J. Hosie 1923 Provincial Library, Victoria, B.C.
J.A. Carbone 1915-1925 Orchid Grower, Berkeley
J.A. Wiggs 1923 Fireman's Fund Insurance, SF
J.B. Bostick 1936 Navy, SF
J.B. Hickman 1918-1927 Horticultural Commissioner of Monterey County, Aromas, CA (brother of Alice)
J.C. Arthur 1932-1933 Purdue Ag. Exp. Station
J.C. Hawver 1906 Auburn, CA
J.C. Rowell 1935 Librarian Emeritus, UCB
J.D. Grant 1920 SF
J.E. Morrow 1934 Superintendent, USDA BPI Plant Introduction Garden, Chico
J.G. Lemmon 1906 Lemmon Herbarium, Oakland
J.J. Davis 1928 D/Bot, Univ.Wisconsin
J.J. Thornber 1915-1941 Botanists, Ag. Exp. Station, Univ. Az, Tucson
J.J. White 1931 J.J. White, Naturalist, Collector, British Honduras
J.K. Henry 1914-1916 D/English, UBC, Vancouver, B.C.
J.K. Moffitt 1930 Piedmont
J.M. Beal 1938 Prof. of Botany, Univ. of Chicago
J.M. Grant 1919-1928 Langley, WA
J.Mortimer Sheppard 1940 Director, Pan American Society of Tropical Research, New Orleans
J.N. Giridlian 1929 Southland Iris Garden, Pasadena
J.R. Schramm 1919 D/Bot, Cornell
J.W. Blankinship 1906,1929 Missouri Botanical Garden
J.W. Mailliard. Jr. 1928, 1942 Mailliard & Schmiedell, Manufacturers' Agents, Importers and Brokers, San Francisco
J.W. Stacey 1922-1934 Medical and Scientific Books, SF
J.W. Warburton 1906 Carpenham, Rostrevor, Ireland
J.W. Williams 1927-1928 Headmaster, Tamalpais School, San Rafael
J.Y. and Fanny Bergen 1909-1917 Cambridge, MA
James B. McNair 1915,1935 Berkeley
James C. Lund 1922 San Francisco
James C. Nelson 1921 Principal, Senior High School, Salem, OR
James F. Fidiam 1982 Secty. S.F. Microscopical Soc.
James M. Hanley 1929 Attorney at Law, SF
James Moffitt 1926-1934 Tahoe City
James R. Henrichs 1938 Agent, USDA BPI WDC, Div. of Plant Exploration and Introduction, Univ. of NV, Reno
James R. Mann 1918 Member of Congress, WDC
James Roof 1951-1952 Directer, Botanic Garden, East Bay Regional Park District, Oakland
James S. Smith 1927 SF
James Smith 1922 Bookseller, London
James V. Lloyd 1944 Superintendent, USD Interior, NPS, Lassen Volcano Nat'l Park, Mineral, CA
James West 1927-1932 San Rafael; Manager, Cactus and Succulent Society of America
Jane Silva nd np
Janet R. Perkins 1920-1927 Richmond, MA; San Diego; all over
Jas. [Kilcoyma] 1931 San Francisco
Jason R. Swallen 1940 Associate Botanist, USDA BPI, Plant Exploration & Introduction, WDC
Jean E. Steinhauser 1923 Watsonville
Jean Howard McDuffie 1940 Berkeley
Jean S. Otis 1938-1939 Seattle
Jeanette Ritter 1914, 1920 Durango, CO; Denver
Jean-Marie Put[eau] 1941 Lone Pine
Jemima Braunin 1922-1932 San Lorenzo
Jerry Voorhis undated Representative, Congress of the United States
Jesse K. Brown 1923-1927 SF
Jesse More Greenman 1906-1947 Assistant Curator of Botany, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago; Curator ofHerbarium, Missouri Botanical Garden
Jessie Mareen Duval Fowler 1935 SF
Joan H. Woodbury 1922-1944 The Richelieu (Hotel), Managing Director, SF; Hollywood
Joanna C. Smith 1919 Morgan Hill
Johannes Rafn 1910 Copenhagen
John [Bum] 1926 General Manager, Marin Water District, San Rafael
John Adam Moore 1932 Missouri Botanical Garden
John Augsburg 1921 SF
John B. Steinweden 1940 Assistant Chief, Bureau of Nursery Service, State of CA, D/Ag, Sacramento
John Breen 1923-1937 Sheriff, Del Norte County, Crescent City
John C. Wister 1946 Swarthmore College
John Comstock 1923 Director, Southwest Museum, LA
John D. Taylor 1926 faculty, Sierra Valley Joint Union High School, Loyalton, CA
John Davis 1919-1920 Hannibal, MO
John Dearness 1923 President,Ontario Historical Society, London
John E. Coulter 1938 San Bruno, CA
John F. Leinen 1924 John F. Leinen Chemical Co., San Francisco
John G. Jack 1932 Assistant Professor of Dendrology, Arnold Arboretum
John H. Currie 1933-1934 Field Editor, Pacific Rural Press, SF
John Hannan
John Holzinger 1914-1918 Winona, MN
John Hutchinson 1912 Herbarium, Kew
John J. Ganner 1932 New York
John K. Small 1913-1935 Head Curator of Museums, New York Botanical Garden
John M. Coulter 1906 D/Bot., Univ. of Chicago
John M. Fogg, Jr. 1930 Curator of the Herbarium, Botanical Laboratory, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
John M. MacFarlane 1919-1938 Director, Botanic Garden, Univ. of PA, Phil.
John McLaren 1932, 1936 Superintendent, Office of the Park Commissioners, SF
John P. Harrington 1931 Cassel, CA
John R. White 1936 Superintendent, Sequoia National Park, (USDep't Interior, Nat'l Park Service)
John T. Bucholz 1933-1944 D/Bot, U of Ill, Urbana
John Thomas Howell 1927-1932 D/Bot, UCLA, traveling
John W. Gillespie 1932 Ass't. Prof. of Science, Arizona State Teachers College, Tempe
John W. Harshberger 1925 Prof. of Botany, Univ. of Pennsylvania Botanical Laboratory
John Waterer 1929 John Waterer Sons and Crisp, Limited, Nurserymen, Seedsmen, Bulb Growers, Etc., London
John William Thompson 1927-1944 Salem, OR; Seattle, WA
Jos. W. Adams 1927-1928 Assistant Curator, Univ. of PA Bot. Garden, Philadelphia
Joseph B. Newman 1942 Denver
Joseph Ewan 1930-1943 L.A.; UCB; Univ. Col. at Boulder
Joseph F. Rock 1917-1947 College of Hawaii, Honolulu; USDA BPI Foreign Plant Introduction, & Plant Exploration and Introduction, WDC; Arnold Arboretum; China
Joseph Grinnell 1906-1939 D/Biology, Throop Polytechnic Institute, Pasadena; Editor, The Condor, pub. by theCooper Ornithological Club, Pasadena; Museum of VerterbrateZoology, UCB
Joseph J. Graham 1946 Museum of Paleontology, UCB
Joseph M. Gwinn 1923 City Superintendent of Schools, SF
Joseph P. Ferry 1929, 1931 SF, Sierra Club member
Joseph P. Herring 1919 Watsonville
Joseph P. Tracy 1937,1948 Eureka
Joseph R. Brown 1938-1941 M.D., LA
Josephine E. Tilden 1913 D/Bot, Univ. MN, Mnpls
Josephine M. Stewart 1926 SF
Josie K. Barnes 1923 Hollywood
Julia Cowing 1921-1922 Brooklyn, NY
Julia Klumpkey 1942 San Francisco
Julian A. Steyermark 1931-1940 [Gray Herbarium, Boston]; Missouri Botanical Garden; Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago
Julian C. Collins 1924 D/Genetics, Ag. Exp. Station, UCB
Juliet L. James 1933 Berkeley
Julius L. Giord 1943 Superintendent, Office of the Park Commissioners, SF
Karl G. Fredin 1936 Editor of SVEA, The Swedish Newspaper, Worcester, MA
Karl Gilbert Palmer 1947 Corpus Christi, TX
Kate C. Cole undated Berkeley
Kate O. Palache 1931 Gull Lake Lodge, Bishop, CA
Kate P. Mace 1906 Fresno
Kate Sessions 1893-1938 San Diego
Kate Williams Mosely 1925 Secretary, Associated Charities, Santa Barbara
Katharine Brandegee 1911 D/Bot, UCB
Katherine Bashford 1929 Landscape Architect, Los Angeles
Katherine Chandler 1906-1926 SF?
Katherine D. Jones 1921-1931 Div. of Landscape Gardening & Floriculture, Ag. Exp. Station, UCB
Katherine Esau 1932, 1946 UC Davis Division of Botany, Associate Botanist, Ag. Exp. Station
Katherine Freeman 1935 Berkeley
Kathleen Ludwick 1927 Big Pine, CA
Kathryn Kay Cowley 1940 San Francisco
Kenneth E. Selby 1939 John Muir School, Seattle
Kenneth K. MacKenzie 1920-1926 Attorney and Counselor at Law, NYC
Knowles A. Ryerson 1928 Horticulturist in Charge, USDA BPI Foreigh Plant Introduction, WDC
L. Diels 1922 Der Director, Botanischen Gartens und Museums, Berlin
L. Jared 1907 Soldier's Home [SF]
L. Margaret Wood 1917,1929 Alameda
L.B. Merrick 1938-1940 L.B. Merrick Nursery, Gardena
L.C. Barnard 1931-1932 County Agent, USDA Extension, Kelseyville, CA
L.E. Smith 1913-1919 Cottonwood, [near Redding]
L.N. Lorenzen 1920 Acting Supervisor, USDA Forest Service, Shasta Nat'l Forest
L.O. Howard 1922 Chief of Bureau, USDA Bureau of Entomology
L.R. Cody 1941 County Agricultural Commissioner, Santa Clara County
L.S. Hannibal 1943 Executive Secretary, American Amaryllis Society, Concord
L.S. Simmons 1921 L.S. Simmons, The Prescription Druggist, Sonoma
L.W. Gaskill 1939 Hotel Durant, Berkeley (lives in LA?)
Lady [Joseph] Hooker 1911 The Camp, Sunningdale, England
Laetitia M. Snow 1923 Wellesley, MA
Laura A. Stephens 1945 np
Laura A.L. Turner 1922-1943 Riverside; Claremont
Laura G. Huffine 1925-1929 Santa Rosa
Laurena Alliot 1921 LA
Laurence Peyton 1931 Fillmore (CA)
Lawrence Heyl 1938 Acting Librarian, Princeton Univ.
Le Roy (L.R.) Abrams 1906-1941 Dudley Herbarium, Stanford
Le Roy H. Harvey 1937 D/Bot, Univ. MI, Ann Arbor
Leatha Bunting 1935 Senior Seed Analyst, Bureau of Field Crops, CA Dept Ag
Lee Bonar 1929-1944 Prof., UCB
Leila Powers 1929 Valentine, AZ
Leland S. Smith 1921-1932 Assistant Range Examiner, USDA Forest Service, Tahoe Nat'l Forest, Nevada City
Lena Gibbs undated Newport, RI
Lena Scott Harris 1938-1941 Studies of California Native Flowers, Trees, Cacti, Noxious Weeds, Birds, Los Angeles
Lenore Marr McAllister 1918 [Ydalpon], CA
Leon Croizat 1934-1944 D/Parks, Central Park, NYC; Arnold Arboretum
Leon H. Durden 1921-1934 SF; Leonard CoatesNurseries, San Jose
Leonard Cockayne 1916-1933 Ngaio, Wellington, New Zealand
LeRoy E. Detling 1934 DudleyHerbarium, Stanford
Leslie Walker 1929 Berkeley
Leslie Walker 1930 Austria
Letters from Gertrude Sinsheimer 1920s? San Luis Obispo
Lewis E. Wehmeyer 1928-1945 National Research Fellow in Biological Science, Farlow Herbarium, Harvard; Assoc. Prof. Bot, Univ. of MI, Ann Arbor
Lewis S. Rose 1937-1938 New York; London; British Columbia; France
Liberty Hyde Bailey 1915-1948 Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture, Ithaca, NY; Herbarium of L.H. Bailey, Ethel Zoe Bailey, Curator, Ithaca, NY; Bailey Hortorium, Cornell
Lilla R. Brown undated Crescent City
Lincoln Constance 1935-1946 Curator Herbarium, St. Coll., WA, Pullman;D/Bot, UCB; CA Botanical Society; Gray Herbarium
Lionel deRothschild 1921-1926 London
Lloyd Austin 1934-1943 Institute ofForest Genetics (USDA), Placerville
Lockhart L. Muchmore 1919-1926 Chatsworth; Los Angeles; Hynes
Lois Bald 1943 Ventura
Lorraine Prather 1944 Prather, CA
Louis C. Wheeler 1938-1942 Gray Herbarium, Assistant; Univ. of Penn, Botanical Laboratory
Louis F. Henderson 1929-1939 D/Plant Biology and Bacteriology, Univ. of OR, Eugene; later D/Botany & Bacteriology
Louis Greata 1906 Redlands, CA
Louis Krautter Jr. 1906 Botanical Laboratory, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Louis Lake Edmunds 1941-1942 Danville, CA
Louisa C. Wagoner 1944 Professor of Child Development, Mills College
Louise Boyd 1931-1940 various places around the world, based in SF
Louise Falkenau Haas 1939 Stinson Beach
Louise Harding Schmidt 1941 SF
Louise M. Miller 1916 Bear Valley, Emigrant Gap
Louise Roberts Kamm undated San Mateo
Louise Wick 1941 Editorial Department, The San Francisco News
Lowell Redfield 1940 Berkeley
Lt. Col. Lin Messel 1930-1933 Sussex, England
Lucille Duff 1935 Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
Lucy Beamer 1938 husband is in D/Entomology, Univ. KS, Lawrence
Ludlow Griscom 1919-1920 American Museum of Natural History, NYC
Lulu M. Newton 1923 Ithaca, NY
Lulu Newton Upton 1923 Ithaca, NY
Luther Burbank 1918-1923 Santa Rosa
Lutie D. Goldstein 1944 SF
Lyman Benson 1939-1945 D/Bot, PomonaCollege; Ass't Prof. Bot, Univ. AZ, Tucson
M. Frances Wild 1929 Carmel-by-the-Sea
M. French Gilman 1941 Death Valley
M. Hall McAllister 1923-1926 SF
M. Jongeneel 1927 Manager, Land Department, California Packing Co., SF
M. Louise Hutchinson 1915 Carmel
M.[T.] Taipinian 1918 Moble Field lab, Armed Forces, Bordeaux
M.B. Dunkle 1939 Long Beach
M.C. James 1906 Principal of Berkeley High School
M.J. Fletcher 1939 Livermore
M.K. Spittal 1937 Winchester, England
M.L. Fernald 1920-1947 Gray Herbarium, Harvard, Fisher Prof. of Nat. Hist. (Bot.)
M.L. Sprague 1939 Herbarium, Kew
Mabel D. Byrne 1931 Santa Cruz
Mabel Elinor Philips 1927 on a steamer
Mabel Jones Broaddus 1934-1935 Stockton
Madge B. Chrisman 1915, 1927 Ventura
Mae Lucy Baggs 1917 Philadelphia
Mae Vroman Forbes 1937 Atherton Garden Club, Redwood City
Major Arthur A. 1933 Tresco Abbey, Isles of Scilly, Cornwall, Dorrien Smith England
Malcolm C. Williams 1934 North American Investment Corporation, SF
Malcolm Smith 1942 Seattle
Malvina Bolander Anderson 1926-1940 Indio; Alameda
Marcus Dall 1942 Thatcher School, Ojai
Marcus E. Jones 1909-1932 Salt Lake City; D/Bot, Pomona
Margaret Ely Webb undated Santa Barbara
Margaret Farrell 1918 Madera County, CA
Margaret K. Bellue 1931-1946 Weed and Seed Botanist, CA Dep't Ag., Sacramento
Margaret Mil[vani] 1915 Cheltenham, England
Marguerite R. Tew 1925 Southwest Museum, Los Angeles
Marguerite Trimble undated Venice
Marian Birney 1930?-1934 Milwaukie, OR;Kinderhook, NY
Marian E. Davey 1917-1922 Lawn Park,Hemel Hempstead, Herts., England
Marian L. Campbell 1944 SF?
Marianne Roeding 1933 SF
Marie Buffum 1945 SF
Marie L. Kelly 1940 San Francisco
Marie Meiere undated Los Altos
Marie Taylor 1937 San Francisco
Mario Calvino 1924-1927 Estacion Experimental Y Escuela Agricola, San Manuel, Oriente, Cuba
Marion Ownbey 1940, 1942 State College of Washington, Pullman, D/Bot, Curatior of the Herbarium
Marion W. Leale 1939 Women's City Club of San Francisco
Marjorie G. Schmidt 1941-1944 Tulelake Relocation Center; Sacramento
Marjory Farquhar undated Berkeley
Marshall A. Howe 1920-1933 Acting Director, New York Botanical Garden
Martha C. Phillips 1932 Petaluma
Martha W. Woodard 1925 Visalia
Mary A. Van Dyke 1928-1932 Berkeley
Mary Adams Peacock 1927 Crescent City
Mary Alice King 1923 Graystone, Placerville, CA
Mary Bard 1916-1929 Hueneme, CA
Mary C. Derby (Mrs. Charles) 1926-1946 Rose Soc. of Santa Clara Co.,San Jose
Mary Clark undated SF
Mary E. White 1924-1926 Waldo, Oregon
Mary Elizabeth Jump 1940 Alta, CA
Mary Huntington Carr undated np
Mary J. McDonald nd SF
Mary J. Rathbun 1934, 1937 Associate in Zoology, U.S. National Museum, Smithsonian
Mary Jo Cobb 1948 CAS
Mary McAdie 1930-1947 Charlottesville, VA
Mary McNutt Patten undated Aspen, CO
Mary O'Conor 1921-1943 Hollister, CA; Ordway, CO; San Rafael
Mary Page Ingalls 1923 SF
Mary S. Young 1918 Univ. of Texas, Austin, School of Botany
Mary Strong Clemens 1916-1945 all over, based in Pacific Grove
Mary C. Sutliffe 1917-1950
Mary T. Morrison 1931-1939 San Francisco; Ross
Mary van Barneveld 1940 Chatsworth
Mary Vaun Walcott 1926-1939 Smithsonian Institution, WDC
Maunsell Van Renssel 1935-1943 Assistant Director then Director, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, Blaksley Botanic Garden
Maximino Martinez 1945-1947 Director Del Instituto De Biologia
May Arnold 1921 Tracy
May H. Young 1931 Owenyo, CA
Mervil. L. Bryan undated Ca. Botanic Garden, LA
Mignon Augsburg 1933 3979 Wash. St., SF
Mildred Bruce Leofie undated Burlingame
Mildred E. Harter 1928 Lindsay, CA
Mildred E. Mathias 1936 New York Botanical Garden
Mildred Hassler [1941] Berkeley
Millie Abbott/E. K. 1914-1919 Salinas
Milo S. Baker 1927-1938 Kenwood, CA
Milton R. Bell 1941-1946 Jr. NurseryInspector, CA Dep't Ag., Berkeley
Minerva Hamilton Hoy 1942 Joshua Tree National Monument
Mira C. Saunders 1932 Pasadena
Miriam L. Bomhard 1936-1947 Botanist, USFS, WDC
Miss A.E. Stockton 1920 San Jose
Miss Agnes Cox 1943 SF
Miss Agnes L. Scott 1929 Boston
Miss Anne Hadden 1916 Librarian, Monterey County Free Library, Salinas
Miss Carrie Blowers 1930 Woodland, Yolo County
Miss E.M. Kittredge 1931 Ferrisburg, Vermont
Miss E.R. Saunders 1925-1926 Cambridge, England
Miss Elizabeth [Wents] 1915 Anderson, CA
Miss Eloise W. Snell 1930 Yosemite Lodge
Miss Eva Karding 1930 Napa, Secretary Rural Teacher's Club
Miss J. Gertrude Raven 1923 Tomales Joint Union High School
Miss Laurie Bass 1916 Baird, Shasta County, CA
Miss Leslie A. Walker 1921-1922 American School of Classical Studies, Athens, Greece
Miss Mabel Symmes 1947,1943 Berkeley
Miss Nova Beecher 1940 Manager, Beecher's Nursery, Stockton, CA
Miss Wanda M. Coover 1939 Sacramento
Morris B. Cooper 1914 Eldridge, CA
Morris Halperin 1930-1935 Technical Assistant in Agronomy, Division of Agronomy, UCB; UC Davis
Morten P. Porsild 1944-1948 Den Danske Arktiske Station, Disco Gronland
Morton E. Peck 1937 Professor, D/Biology, Willamette Univ., Salem, OR
Mr. & Mrs. C.M. VanCleave 1915 Glacier Creek, Yukon Territory, Canada
Mr. Cartright 1950 1221 Lombard, SF
Mrs. [Alice] L. Green 1934 Palo Alto
Mrs. A.G. Weber 1925,1929 Fort Bragg
Mrs. Adaline Crane 1934 Petaluma
Mrs. C.E. Wells 1939 Mirimichi, Sugar Pine, Madera Co., CA
Mrs. C.F. Rose [Emma] 1930-1934 Redding
Mrs. Dorothy R. Harvey 1935 Ass't Prof. Bot, State Teachers College, San Diego
Mrs. E. Gideon 1915 [Carcass], Yukon Territory, Canada
Mrs. E.L. Crenshaw 1928 Ft. Dick, CA
Mrs. E.R. McKenzie 1920, 1931 Santa Maria
Mrs. E.S. Richman undated Richman Avenue Florists, Fullerton
Mrs. E.W. Leggett 1919 San Francisco
Mrs. Ed. Egli 1923 Yreka
Mrs. Elizabeth Cyrus Wright 1917-1942 Mono Lake; Calistoga
Mrs. Eva M. Fling Roush 1928 Missouri Botanical Garden
Mrs. F.D. Boone 1947 Lodi
Mrs. Florence Angwin 1937-1946 2133 Carlton, Berkeley
Mrs. G. Earle Kelly undated UC Extension
Mrs. G.J. Rains 1919 Lakeport, CA
Mrs. Gehrmann 1917 Teller, Alaska
Mrs. George H. James 1947 Turlock
Mrs. Gerald B. Hartley 1941 Callahan, CA
Mrs. H.A. Koerner 1930 Los Angeles
Mrs. H.H. Noonan 1923 Weaverville, CA
Mrs. H.N. Hobart 1921 Red Bluff
Mrs. Ilsien Nathalie Gaylord 1925 Hotel Gralyn, Boston
Mrs. J.C. Finch 1924 Kerby, OR
Mrs. J.H. Grunze 1933 Santa Cruz
Mrs. J.H. Morrison 1932-1933 Durham, CA; Arbuckle, CA
Mrs. J.O. England 1945 Vista Del Mar Garden Club, SF
Mrs. L.R. Kennedy 1921 San Francisco
Mrs. M.R. Hail
Mrs. Mary E. Skinner nd President, Jersey Parent Teachers Club, [Jersey, CA]
Mrs. Mary E. Wall 1933 Santa Margarita, CA
Mrs. Perle Hunter nd Sonoma
Mrs. Perry T. Tompkins 1929 Berkeley
Mrs. R.A. Richardson undated Sacramento
Mrs. R.M. Austin & 1915 Chico
Mrs. Ramona Grant 1940 Grant's Camellias, St. Helena
Mrs. Roscoe Harrington 1938 Mountain View
Mrs. Ruby Van Deventer 1930-1946 Fort Dick, Crescent City
Mrs. Ruth White undated Trinity Center, [CA]
Mrs. S.B. Hindes n.d, np
Mrs. Viola N. Poole 1937 Nature Club of Southern California, LA
Mrs. W. W. Whitney & Mrs. Brown 1924 San Diego (on board Alaska Steamship)
Mrs. Whitehead 1942 Hayward
Mrs. William Durbrow 1921 Willows
Mrs. Wm. D. Cross 1945 Long Beach
Myrtle Hill Thomsen 1948 San Francisco
Myrtle Shepherd Francis 1917-1944 Theodosia B. Shepherd Co., Seeds, Bulbs, Plants, Cacti and Novelties, Ventura
N. Charles Rothschild 1915 Arundel House, Kensington Palace Gardens, London
N.L. Britton 1906-1932 NY Botanical Garden
N.L. Gardner 1921-1930 Assoc. Prof. of Botany, Curator of the Herbarium, UCB
N.Rex Hunt 1923 Pathologist, USDA Federal Horticultural Board, WDC
N.S. Rivers 1930 Potted Plants, Roughstone Gardens, LA
Naomi Howells 1929 The Katharine Branson School, Ross
Neil E. Stevens 1933 Senior Pathologist, Plant Disease Survey, USDA BPI WDC
Nell C. Horner 1932 Librarian and Editor of Publications, Missouri Botanical Garden
Netta E. Gray 1947 D/Bot, Univ. IL, Urbana
Neville R. Stephens 1922-1926 Paul J. Howard's Horticultural Establishment, Los Angeles; Neville R. Stephens Landscape Architect, Los Angeles
Newell F. Vanderbilt 1923-1939 Superintendent, Mount Tamalpais Military Academy; California Delphiniums, The Vanderbilt Hybrids, San Rafael; Edgebrook Gardens, St. Helena
Newton B. Drury 1922-1943 Secretary, Save the Redwoods League; Director, USD Interior, Nat'l Park Service
Nicholas.Ed. Brown 1913-1935 Kew, England
Nina Floy Bracelin 1929-1948 CAS, UCB
Nina Lee Patterson 1940 Bakersfield
Norma E. Pfeiffer 1921 Univ. North Dakota, D/Bot
Norman C. Fassett 1938 D/Bot, Univ. of Wisconsin
Norvell Gillespie 1936 Garden Editor, Sunset Magazine, SF
O. Stapf 1912-1934 Herbarium, Kew
O.F. Cook 1928 USDA BPI Cotton, Rubber, and Other Tropical Plants
O.L. Sponsler 1929 Prof. Bot., UCLA
O.W. Carlson 1941 US Dep't Interior, Mt. Rainier Nat. Park, Ass't Superintendent
Olga Lakela 1932,1933 D/Bot, Univ. Minnesota
Olga Meyer 1924-1934 SF
Olive Macginnis 1914, 1917 Burlingame
Orda A. Plunkett 1932 Ass't Prof. of Botany, UCLA
Orwell Logan 1923 Oakland (Tamalpais Conservation Club)
Oscar [L. Mueller] 1944 Beverly Hills
Otis McAllister 1933 San Ildefonso, Mexico
Otto Degener 1927-1945 D/Bot., Univ. HI; NY Botanical Garden
Otto Eugen Schulz 1933 Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum, Steglitz, Germany
Otto Renner 1923-1933 Paso Robles
P. Beveridge Kennedy 1913,1923 Univ. Nevada Agricultural Experiment Station, Reno; UCB Ag. Exp. Station, Berkeley
P. J. Leyendecker 1940 D/Bot, Iowa State College, Ames
P.A. Lehenbauer 1939 Botanist, D/Biology, Univ. Nevada, Reno
P.A. Rydberg 1914-1930 Curator, New York Botanical Garden
P.B. Eaton 1927 USCG, San Pedro
P.B. Westermann 1927 Potter Valley
P.H. Brydon 1938 D/Bot, UCB (Bot. Garden)
P.H. Dorsett 1917 Acting Agricultural Explorer in charge, USDA BPI Foreign Seed and Plant Introduction
P.J. van Melle 1942 Poughkeepsie, NY
P.S. Sparkman 1906 Valley Center, San Diego County
P.W. Tompkins 1939-1943 Curtis & Tompkins Chemists, SF
Paolo deVecchi 1927 New York
Patricia McGuire 1939 San Jose
Paul Allen 1927 Basel, Germany
Paul C. Standley 1917-1942 Associate Curator of the Herbarium, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago; Associate Curator, Division of Plants, Smithsonian
Paul D. Russell 1922-1925 Scientific Assistant, USDA BPI Foreign Seed and Plant Introduction, WDC
Paul G. Redington 1923 District Forester, USDA Forest Service, CA District, SF
Paul J. Howard 1919 Paul J. Howard's Horticultural Establishment, Los Angeles
Paul J. Howard 1919 Paul J. Howard's Horticultural Establishment, Los Angeles
Paul J. Howard 1940-1942 Paul J. Howard's Horticultural Establishment, Los Angeles
Paul L. Wilson 1922,1944 Selma, CA; Marin Jr. College, Kentfield
Paul Lechevalier 1921 Paris
Paul Popenoe 1920-1921 manager, The Tropical Date Company, Thermal, Riverside County
Pedro Jorgenson 1915 Argentina
Percy Train 1932 Percy Train, Geologist, Helena, Montana
Peter Bisset 1919-1922 Plant Introducer in Charge, Foreign Plant Distributions, USDA BPI, WDC
Peter D. Barnhart 1929-1932 HorticulturalWriter, Landscape Architect, Los Angeles
Philena W. Hubbard 1938 Redlands
Philip A. Munz 1920-1948 D/Bot, Pomona College, Claremont; Prof. of Bot., then Dean of Faculty; Taxonomist, Bailey Hortorium, Cornell; Director, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
Philip A. Munz 1920-1948 D/Bot, Pomona College, Claremont; Prof. of Bot., then Dean of Faculty; Taxonomist, Bailey Hortorium, Cornell; Director, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
Philip C. Knapp 1916,1938 Natomas Company of California, Alaska Commercial Building, San Francisco
Phyllis D. Gardner 1947 Herbarium Botanist, D/Bot, UCB
Phyrne Lorenz 1945 Santa Cruz; Sausalito
Portia A. Forbes 1948-1951 Ross
Priscilla Avery 1939 D/Bot., UCB
Prof. George H.F. Nuttall 1908 Cambridge
Prof. Marie-Victorin 1928-1937 Laboratoire de Botanique, Universite de Montreal, Canada
Professor Jose Maria Gallegos 1922 San Diego (visiting)
R. Barnford 1936 D/Bot, Univ. MD
R. Jordan 1928 SF
R. Lloyd Praeger 1913-1915 National Library of Ireland, Kildare St., Dublin
R.B. Born 1940 Chief Inspector/USDA/FDA in LA
R.B. Thomson 1923 D/Bot, Univ. of Toronto
R.C. [Gaide] undated Kew Gardens
R.C. Bruce Gardner 1927-1929 Conington Hall, near Cambridge, England
R.C. Robinson 1938, 1942 Bureau of Horticulture, Golden Gate International Exposition, SF
R.H. Draeger 1945 Captain,Naval Medical Research Institute, Bethseda, MD
R.H. Manske 1933 Division of Chemistry, Nat'l Research Council, Ottawa, Canada
R.I. Slyter 1945 San Anselmo
R.K. Swartz 1931 Principal Clerk, USDA BPI, Horticultural Crops and Diseases, WDC
R.R. Dreisbach 1928 Midland, MI
R.S. Williams 1921-1924 New York Botanical Garden
R.V. Bradshaw 1922-1925 Palo Alto
Ralph Hoffman 1925-1932 Director, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
Ralph R. Shaw 1943 Librarian, USDA Library, WDC
Ralph T. Stevens 1919 Landscape Architect, Santa Barbara
Ralph W. Chaney 1924-1935 Carnegie Institution of Washington, Paleobotanical Research, UCB
Ralph W. Mitchell 1930 Director of Agriculture, Marysville Union High School
Ralph W. Sumner 1921 Botanical Dep't, San Diego Society of Natural History
Ralston White 1915 Real Estate, Mill Valley
Ramona Reed 1916 Berkeley
Ray J. Davis 1939-1945 Prof. Bot.,Univ. of Idaho, Southern Branch, Pocatello
Raymond Hamet 1912 Museum National d'Historie Naturelle, Paris
Rebecca C. Markley 1918 San Antonio
Reed C. Rollins 1940-1946 Gray Herbarium; Dudley Herbarium, Natural History Museum, Stanford
Reeta A. Powell 1927 Tulare High School, Tulare
Reginald C. Robbins 1933 Curator of Botany, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
Reid Moran 1933-1947 Pasadena; La Canada; Ithaca (Cornell); Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
Rev. Arthur D. Spear 1933 University of Santa Clara
Rev. George A. Gilbert 1940 Univ. of Santa Clara
Rhoda E. Swinnerton undated San Luis Obispo
Richard C. McGregor 1906,1916 Bureau of Science, Manila, PI
Rimo Bacigalupi 1933-1936 In Charge Seed Collection, USDA Forest Service, CA Forest & Range Exp. Station,UCB
Robert A. Peers 1945 Colfax School for the Tuberculous
Robert A. Vines 1947 Director, Museum of Natural History of Houston
Robert A. Ware 1930 Boston
Robert C. Foster 1937-1947 D/Bot, Univ. of Arizona, Tucson; Technical Assistant, Gray Herbarium
Robert E. Cowan 1919 Bookseller, California Historical MSS, Americana and Rare Books
Robert E. Porter 1906-1930 San Francisco
Robert F. Heizer 1940 D/Anthro, Univ. of OR, Eugene; D/Anthro, UCB
Robert F. Hoover 1945-1946 England
Robert Fitzimons 1924 Westwood Club, Westwood, CA
Robert H. Peebles 1932 USDA, Bureau of Plant Industry, Horticultural Crops and Diseases, U.S. Field Station, Sacaton, Arizona
Robert Hewitt Menzies 1916-1945 San Rafael (whole folder)
Robert Kessler 1921-1930 Collector of Rare Native California Seeds, Los Angeles
Robert M. Senior 1944 Cincinnati
Robert N. McKee 1934 Bakersfield
Robert T. Clausen 1940 Ass't Prof. Bot, Bailey Hortorium, Cornell
Roderick E. Stebbins 1925 Berkeley
Rodney H. True 1921 Director, Univ. of Penn. Botanic Garden
Rodney Sydes Ellswor 1925 Berkeley
Roger M. Reeve 1940 D/Bot, UCB
Rogers McVaugh 1939-1946 Associate Botanist, USDA BPI National Arboretum, WDC
Roland McKee 1925 Horticulturist Acting in Charge, USDA BPI Foreign Seed and Plant Introduction, WDC
Roma Coolidge Mulvihill 1931-1933 Pres. and Gen. Mgr., Coolidge Rare Plant Gardens, Pasadena
Romeyn B. Hough 1906,1916 Author and Publisher, American Woods, handbook of Trees, Leaf Key to Trees
Ronald H. Coates 1935 Crescent City
Rose [S.] Donaghe 1926 Pocatello, ID
Rose H. Haslett 1935 Director of Forum, SF Public Schools
Rose R. Linebaugh undated Petaluma
Roxana S. Ferris 1918-1943 D/B, Stanford, Herbarium Assistant
Roy D. Moodie 1931 Santa Monica
Roy S. Goodrich 1930 Bel-Air, Los Angeles
Rufus D. Johnson 1935 Salt Lake City
Rufus T. Barefoot 1939 San Mateo
Rupert C. [Barneby] 1941-1948 Santa Monica;Wappingers Falls, NY
Russell [Noyes] 1916, 1917 Alognak, Alaska
Russell W. Mumford 1931 Trona, CA
Ruth Abbott Clough 1927-1944 Watsonville
Ruth B. [Corly] undated Palo Alto
Ruth Crawford 1927 Santa Cruz
Ruth Garrecht 1923 Co-Operative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Economics, State of CA,Redding
Ruth Hartwell 1938 Ass't in Botany, Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, SB
S. T. Dunn 1912 Kew Green, Surrey
S. Venturi 1927-1930 Tucuman, Argentina
S.A. Skan 1919 Herbarium, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
S.A. Sutton 1939 The Gardens, Falfield, England
S.B. Parrish 1913-1924 Berkeley; San Bernardino
S.E. Flanders 1932 Grad. Sch. of Tropical Agriculture and Citrus Experiment Station, UCR
S.F. Blake 1920-1946 Ass't Botanist,USDA BPI WDC
S.L.N. Ellis 1906 USDA Forest Service, Sonora
S.R. Ames 1920 np
Samuel Ayres 1943 Drs. Ayres & Anderson, 2007 Wilshire Blvd., LA
Sara Bache-Wigg 1940 Associate Professor of Botany, Smith College
Sarah C. Dyal 1940 D/Bot.,Cornell Univ. Ag. Exp. Station
Sarah Child 1924 1918 Webster, SF
Sarah E. [Blanchard] 1943 Santa Paula
Sarah F. Cooper 1907 Ellwood [near Santa Barbara]
Sarah V. Coombs 1947 Co-Chair of the Revision Committee, Nat'l Council of State Garden Clubs, Inc.,Scarsdale, NY
Scott Werner 1932 Visalia
Sidney Barlow Cushing undated [Marin]
Simon E. Wolff 1929 Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, Botanist
Sister Bernadine 1937 Dominican Convent, San Rafael
Sister M. Aloysius 1932 San Rafael Convent
Sister M. Isabel 1936 Dominican Convent of San Rafael
Sister M. Valentine 1927 Sisters of St. Francis, Denver
Sister Mary Paschal 1936 San Rafael
Sophia B. Thayer undated [San Francisco]
Sophie H. Faunt le Roy 1915-1948 Santa Barbara
Stanley Dubrow 1938 Fresno
Stanley Mitchell 1945 SF Chronicle
Stella Baron 1943 Arcata, CA
Stella Handelin 1923 Eureka
Stella Sherwood Vosberg 1924-1940 Omaha, Sioux County, NE; Berkeley; Claremont
Stephen F. Hamblin 1923 Director, Harvard University Botanic Garden, Cambridge
Susan Delano McKelvey 1923-1946 Arnold Arboretum (whole folder)
Susan E. Beamer undated Berkeley
Susan Priscilla Thew 1923 Exeter, CA
Susan W. Hutchinson 1929 Los Angeles
Susanna Bixby Bryant 1931-1946 Rancho Santa Ana Bot. Gard.
Susie Earl Wilkins 1921 3771 Clay St., SF
Susie W. Mott 1921, 1926 Director pro tem, Oakland Public Museum
T. Blaaurr 1920 Holland
T. G. Yuncker 1917-1921 Univ. of Illinois, Urbana
T. Maskew Miller 1922-1923 Educational and General Bookseller, Cape Town, South Africa
T.A. Bonser 1927 Spokane Museum
T.C. Frye 1925-1933 Prof. of Bot., Univ. of WA, Seattle
T.E. Merritt 1927 Oakland
T.H. Goodspeed 1930-1944 Prof. of Botany, and Curator Botanical Garden, UCB
T.H. Kearney 1926 USDA BPI, WDC, Senior Physiologist; Arizona; specialist in cotton
T.J. Fitzpatrick 1913 Decatur Co., Iowa, sells scientific books
T.L. Yuan 1938 National Library of Peiping, Kunming, China
T.S. Brandegee 1917,1921 D/Bot., UCB
T.S. Palmer 1947 WDC
Tammy W. Howland 1906 Brookline, MA
Th. Arwidsson 1934 Botanical Garden in Stockholm
Thekla Behr 1927 Anhalt, Germany
Theodor Just 1933-1939 Assistant to J.A. Niewland, Editor, American Midland Naturalist, Univ. of Notre Dame, Indiana; then editor
Theodore D. McCown 1940 D/Anthro, UCB
Theodore Payne 1916-1942 Seedsman, Nurseryman, Landscape Architect, Los Angeles
Theresa M. Otto 1926 Dean, Lux School of Industrial Training, SF
Thomas F. Davison 1921-1922 HistoricalCurator, State Historical and Natural History Society of Colorado
Thomas G. Heaton 1935 Landscape Architect, Nat'l Park Service, WDC
Thornton T. Munger 1944 Chief, Division of Forest Management Research, USDA Forest Service, Portland
Timothy E. Wilcox 1917 Brig. Gen. USA Ret., WDC
Tom Craig 1941 LA
U.T. Waterfall 1943 Oklahoma City
V.H. Montgomery 1946 Muir Woods Shop, Mill Valley
Val Salmon 1924-1945 California Camper Club, SF
Vera M. Miller 1944 D/Bot, UCB
Vesta Hesse 1944 Boulder Creek, CA
Vesta Holt 1929-1944 D/Biology, State Teachers College, Chico
Vesta Marie Newsom 1939 Chaffey Junior College, Ontario, CA
Vincent Jones 1920 Vallejo
Viola Brainerd Baird 1936-1943 Berkeley
Virginia Bailey 1940 Glacier National Park
Virginia E. Long 1934 D/Bot, UCB
Virginius H. Chase 1920, 1943 Peoria Academy of Science, Peoria, Ill, V.H. Chase, Custodian
Volney Rattan 1907, 1912 Redwood City; Berkeley; Los Angeles
W. Andrew Archer 1939 Associate Botanist, National Arboretum, USDA BPI, WDC
W. D'Egilber 1923 Western RiceGrowers, Willows, CA
W. Haydon, M.D. 1921 Marshfield, OR
W. Hertrich 1929-1940 Superintendent, Huntington Botanic Garden, San Marino
W. Junk 1925 [W. Junk Booksellers], Berlin
W. Meyer Lewin 1927 Attorney at Law, Washington, D.C.
W. Ormiston Roy 1941 Landscape Naturalist, Mount Royal Cemetery Co., Montreal
W.A. Bourne 1925 writing fromYosemite
W.A. Dayton 1927-1943 AssociatePlant Ecologist, USDA Forest Service, WDC; Editorial Committee,Standarized Plant Names, American Joint Committee on Horticultural Nomenclature, Working in conjunction with theCommittee on Plant Names of the USDA, with the Arnold Aroboretumof Harv
W.A. Murrill 1906,1921 First Assistant, NY Botanical Garden
W.A. Newcombe 1924,1944 Victoria, B.C.
W.A. Setchell 1912-1942 D/Bot, UCB
W.B. Pitts 1944 traveling in the south
W.B. Turrill 1926 The Herbarium, Royal Botanic Garden, Kew, Surrey, England
W.D. Billings 1946-1947 D/Bio, Univ. of NV, Reno
W.E. Loucks 1924 California Packing Company, SF
W.E. Safford 1919-1920 USDA BPI Economic Botanist
W.F. Blakeley 1936 Australia
W.F. Sampson 1945 Bay & River Navigation Co., SF
W.G. Watkins 1935 Placerville
W.G. Wright 1906 San Bernardino, Butterflies of the West Coast
W.H. Chandler 1927 Prof. of Pomology, UCB
W.H. Horr 1946 D/Bot, Univ. of KS, Lawrence
W.H. Warren 1940 Superintendent of Parks, City of Victoria, B.C.
W.I. Follett 1930-1939 Central Bank Building, Oakland
W.L. Howard 1945 Prof. of Pomology, UC Ag. Exp. Station, Davis
W.L. McAtee 1915-1943 Principal Biologist, USDA Biological Survey, WDC
W.M. Gifford 1923 Honolulu
W.M. James 1935 Las Positas Nursery, Santa Barbara
W.M. Kirkwood 1939-1944 Santa Barbara
W.P. Steinbeck 1921-1938 Aurora Seed Mill, Stockton
W.R. Hodder 1934 D/Bot, Univ. of Toronto, Canada
W.T. Clarke 1920 UCB Ag. Exp.Station, Professor Agricultural Extension
W.W. Eggleston 1913-1929 USDA, Forest Service, Stanislaus NF, Lassen NF; USDA BPI Crop Physiology,Santa Barbara, Washington, Assisant Botanist
W.W. Robbins 1940 Botanist, Ag. Exp. Station, UC Davis
Waldo L. Schmitt 1935 Curator, Marine Invertebrates, Smithsonian
Wallace Adams 1933 Fish and Game Administration, Dep't Ag.and Commerce, Manila, Philippines
Wallace Brown 1934 Pacific Electric Club, LA
Walter B. Clarke 1935-1947 W.B. Clarke & Co., Bulbs, Plants, Rose Bushes, Shrubs, Trees, San Jose
Walter C. Clifford 1925 SF
Walter D. Bliss 1918-1929 San Francisco architect
Walter Deane 1912-1924 29 BrewsterSt., Cambridge, MA
Walter Heil 1933 Director, M.H. deYoung Memorial Museum, SF
Walter J. Eyerdam 1932-1947 Seattle
Walter P. [Cottam] 1940 D/Biol., Univ. Utah, SLC
Walter P. Taylor 1921-1928 USDA Bureau of Biological Survey, Tucson, AZ; Port Angeles, WA; La Jolla
Walter Steckbeck 1931 Botanical Laboratory, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Walter T. Swingle 1913-1932 Physiologist in Charge, USDA, BPI, Crop Physiology & Breeding Investigations, WDC; Government Date Garden, Indio, CA
Ward Drury 1941 Drury Company, Advertising Agency, SF
Warren Herbert Wagner 1944 Ensign, U.S. Naval Air Station, Alameda
Weldon & Wesley, Ltd 1922-1940 Wheldon & Wesley, Ltd., Scientific, natural History, & General Booksellers & Publishers, London
Wilford S. Conrow 1935 Studio 120, Carnegie Hall, New York
Wilhelm Engelmann 1948 Leipzig, Germany
Wilhelm N. Suksdorf 1913-1932 Bingen, WA; Wilsall, MT; WDC
William A. Marsh 1947 San Mateo
William A. Schipp 1929 Explorer, Belize, British Honduras
William A. Taylor 1921 Chief of Bureau, USDA BPI WDC
William A. Weber 1942-1948 D/Bot., State College of Washington, Pullman; Curator of Botany, Univ. of Colorado Museum, Boulder
William B. Fox 1945, 1946 D/Agronomy, Wash. State College, Pullman
William B. Howes 1934 Horticulture Department, California Polytechnic School, San Luis Obispo
William Brewster 1911 Cambridge, [MA]
William C. Barbour 1916 Newark, NJ
William C. Berry 1911 San Jose
William C. Van Antwerp 1920 Crocker Building, SF
William E. Colby 1926, 1938 Secretary, Sierra Club
William E. Miles 1906 SF
William F. Ewing 1929 Ass't. Superintendent, Oakland Public Schools
William Franklin Herrin 1917-1922 Vice President & Chief Counsel, Southern Pacific Co., Pacific System, SF
William Gosline 1941 Natural History Museum, Stanford University
William H. Crocker 1923, 1933 TheCrocker National Bank, SF
William H. Judd 1944 Arnold Arboretum
William Hammond Hall
William J. Gerhard 1917-1919 Books on Natural History, Philadelphia
William Kent 1926 Kentfield
William L. Cobb 1925 Coast Highway Association
William P. Wallace 1940 Jonesville, MI
William R. Dudley 1909 Prof. Botany, D/Systematic Botany, Stanford
William Ralph Maxon 1906-1946 Curator, National Herbarium, Smithsonian Inst. (whole folder)
William Randolph Taylor 1927 Prof. of Botany, Botanical Laboratory, Univ. of Penn., Philadelphia
William S. Cooper 1918-1934 Prof., D/Bot, Univ. MN; Univ. Chicago
William S. Tevis 1937,1940 San Francisco
William T. Shaw 1940 D/Agriculture and Biology, Fresno State College
William Trelease 1906,1921 Director, Missouri Botanical Garden; Univ. of Illinois
William Vortriede 1919-1931 State Gardener, Capitol Park, Sacramento
William W. Carruth 1923-1944 Oakland
Willis H. Goodyear 1940 Hollywood
Willis L. Jepson 1913-1946 D/Bot., UCB
Willis W. Wagener 1947 Senior Pathologist, USDA BPI Soils & Agricultural Engineering, SF
Wilson Popenoe 1923 Agricultural Explorer, USDA BPI, Foreign Seed and Plant Introduction
Winifred Walker 1942 Studio 104, Los Angeles
Winona Douglas 1927, 1945 Mill Valley
Winona H. Welch 1945 Prof. of Botany, DePauw University, Greencastle, IN
Wm. Bridge Cooke 1938-1940 Custodian, Shasta Alpine Lodge; OSU, Corvallis; Foster, OH
Wm. C. Bloy 1918-1919 Wildwood, Shasta Springs
Woodbridge Metcalf 1925-1946 Assoc. Prof. Forestry, UCB, Coll. of Ag., Div. of Forestry
Wray M. Bowden 1945 D/Bot., Univ. of Toronto
Wyatt W. Jones 1927 Berkeley
Yale Dawson 1941 Berkeley
Ynes Mexia 1925-1936 all over
Ynez [Winblad] undated Santa Ynez Vineyard, Fresno
Zana Kinkade 1929 [San Francisco]
Zelia Nuttall 1912-1927 Casa Alvarado, Coyoacou, D.F., Mexico
Zoeth Eldredge 1913 Century History Co., History of CA, SF
1941-1943 Alpine Garden Society, London
1944 American Amaryllis Society
1950 AAAS
1944,1947 American Begonia Society
undated American Forestry Association, WDC
1929-1953 American Fuschia Society
1945 American Primrose Society, Portland, OR
1944 American Society of Plant Taxonomists
1942 Arctic Institute, Catholic University of America
1936, 1941 Armstrong Nurseries, Ontario, CA
1916-1943 Arnold Arboretum
1941 The James H. Barry Company, Printers, SF
1928, 1930 Better Homes and Gardens
1939 Beverly Hills Nurseries
1927-1934 John Bodger & Sons, Seed Growers, LA
1932 Botanic Gardens, Singapore
1931-1932 Botanic Gardens, Sydney, Australia
1930s Botanical Society of America
1933 Boy Scouts of America, SF area
1937 Boyce Thompson Inst. for Plt Research, Yonkers
1946 British Fuschia Society
1915-1937 British Museum of Natural History
1942 Brooklyn Botanic Garden
1929, 1941 Cactus and Succulent Society of America, LA headquarters
1927 Calaveras County Chamber of Commerce, San Andreas, CA
1923-1953 California Alpine Club, San Francisco
1923-1945 California Botanical Society, Berkeley
1931-1939 California Roadside Council (for the Protection of Roadside Beauty)
1924-1926 California Federation of Women's Clubs, Division of Country Life, Divisionof Conservation, Chairman of Gardens
1928-1946 California State Garden Club
1946 California Historical Society
1939-1948 California Horticultural Society
1919,1944 California Nursery Co., Niles, CA
1923 California State Fall Flower Show
1904-1929 California State Floral Society
1941 California Spring Garden Show
1923, 1924, 1925 Calif. Spring Blossom and Wild Flower Assoc., correspondence with schools reagrding exhibits at annual shows
1923 ff. Calif. Spring Blossom and Wild Flower Assoc., constitution and By-laws, Date of Letters, statements, association flower show and other business
1927 Leonard Coates Nurseries, San Jose
1952 State Historical Society of Colorado
1926 Dahlia Society of California
1920-1940 Dulau & Co., Ltd., Booksellers, Natural History Books, London
1931 Ecological Society of America
1931 English Speaking Union, CA Branch, SF
1928-1947 Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago
1944 The Fuchsia Society, London
1923-1928 Garden Club of Santa Barbara and Montecito
1931 Gardener's Chronicle, London
1931 Gardening Illustrated
1947 Ginn and Company, Educational Publishers, Boston
1938-1939 Golden Gate International Exposition
1913-1947 Gray Herbarium
1926-1935 Hazard & Hazard, Fuchsia Specialists, Pacific Grove
1931 W. Heffer & Sons, Booksellers, Cambridge, England
1906 Hensel, Bruckmann & Lorbacker, Custom House Brokers and Forwarders, NY
1933 John Innes Horticultural Institution, Merton Park, London
1945 La Perita Garden Club, Walnut Grove
1932 Hooker & Lent, Cunard Building, SF
1913 Lissadell Bulb Farm (J.A. Cooper), Sligo?
1948 Marin Conservation League
1947 Marin Co. Girl Scout Council
1944 Marin County Planning Commission
1940 Marin Art and Garden Center
1932 Marin Garden Club
1918 Miller & Lux, Incorporated, SF
undated Monterey Tree Growing Club
1939 John Muir Association
1921 National Conservation Association, WDC
1921 National Consumer's League, NYC
1921-1936 National Geographic Society, WDC
1929 National Plant, Flower and Fruit Guild, NYC
1927-1929 National Woman's Party
1945 New York Botanical Garden
1929, 1930 Palo Alto Garden Club
1916-1919 Pacific Grove Museum
1926 Pacific Grower, Home and Garden Illustrated Monthly, San Jose
1934 Pacific Rural Press and California Farmer, Publisher of Agricultural Books, San Francisco
1927, 1931 Philadelphia Botanical Club
1945 The Principia, College of Liberal Arts, Elsah, IL
1950-1954 Pro America, National Organization of Women, Inc., founded
1945 Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden
1931 Redwood Empire Association
1939 Richfield Oil Co.
1947 Roxburghe Club of San Francisco
1924-1936 Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Surrey
1932-1940 Royal English Forestry Society, Huntley Manor, Gloucester
1924-1941 Royal Horticultural Society, Vinicent Square, Westminster, then at Royal Botanic Gardens
1933-1951 Royal Scottish Forestry Society, Edinburgh, Scotland
1942 Salvation Army
1930 San Diego Natural History Society
1929-1932 Santa Barbara Museum of Nat. Hist.
1946 San Mateo County
1945 San Mateo County Fuschia Society
1928-1936 San Pedro Ranch Nursery Co., Compton
1918 SF Aquarium Society
1940 SF Board of Education
1940 SF Business Men's Garden Club
1923 SF Chamber of Commerce
1940 SF City and County
1950 Community Chest of SF
1934 Down Town Association
1915-1916 Golden Gate Park
1943 Park Commissioners, SF
1948 Office of the Mayor
1951 Social Hygiene and Health Association
1949 San Francisco String Quartet
1942-1952 SF Symphony
1931-1947 San Francisco Garden Club
1927 Save the Redwoods League
1925-1943 Sierra Club
1925 The Specialty Press, Capetown, South Africa
1929-1931 Stark Brothers Nurseries and Orchards, San Rafael
1929 Stockton Garden Club, Stockton
undated Tamalpais Centre Woman's Club, Kentfield
1938 Pacific Coast Viking, Los Angeles (periodical)
1931 Visitacion Valley Community Center
1932 Western Society of Naturalists
1925-1945 Wild Flower Preservation Society, National Headquarters, WDC