Folder List

    Babcock, Ernest Brown. Obituaries (Babcock, wife, brother), biographical info, reprint, correspondence, misc., 5 black and white portraits

    Boyd, Abdullahi nur. Typed field notes, insurance policy, shipping papers, material collection sheets from National Museums of Kenya pertaining to Kikuyu items

    Bunton, George W. Clippings, proposal to further service and revenue of Planetarium, correspondence

    Carlton, James. Clippings, correspondence, talk entitled "Current Status of Marine Pollution Research in the San Francisco Bay Area", CAS Occasional Paper No. 75

    Chamberlin, Ralph V. List of species related to paper in CAS Proceedings Ser. 4, Vol. XIV No. 7, "New North American Spiders" and illustrations for another article?

    Cowles, Thomas. Correspondence re: library, his dismissal and his incarceration; article by Barbara Cowles, holiday cards, article by Cowles, notes from conversation about Cowles

    DeDecker, Mary and Paul. Article about Dedeckera, 50th Anniversary party invitation and notes for "memory book", Christmas card with photo of Dedeckera eurekensis, letter to John Thomas Howell, article about Mary DeDecker receiving award

    Fairchild, David. Articles by Fairchild, obituaries, remarks by Sec. of Agriculture when presenting award to Fairchild, one letter to Dr. Robert C. Miller

    Geary, Ida. Newspaper article, flyers for classes, brief correspondence, articles by Geary, leaf prints and pressed plants, birthday party invitation

    Goodwin, A.P.  "A Catalogue of the well known Natural History Collection of A.P. Goodwin, F.R.G.S....", letter to Stanford University about collection, two photographic reproductions of drawings of birds

    Gustafson, Joel Frank. Newspaper articles (incl. article on wildflowers by Gustafson), announcements of his CAS appointment, staff notes re: candidacy for Associate Director position, clippings, letters and support materials concerning CAS 1961 budget and city support for public museum activities, letter of resignation and related notes, letter of recommendation

    Hamann, Hago and Skee (Mr. and Mrs.). Holiday cards/notes, correspondence with Margaret Campbell, letter about Skee Hamann by John Thomas Howell, newspaper article by Hamanns

    Heizer, Robert F.  Correspondence re: rock art, typed manuscript titled "Rock Art of SE Nevada", rock art reprints by others, appendix re: X-ray diffraction analysis, 1924 letter from George Stewart to Mrs. Wm. Hilger re: land purchase near Strathmore for Indians, obituaries, article by Heizer

    Helfer, Jacques. Letters from Helfer and Diane ??? to "Bill and Audrey" (Barr), clippings of "Jack's Corner" columns by Jacques Helfer, article by Helfer titled "A Handful of Coins", article by Helfer titled "Understanding Fungi", articles about Mendocino, California

    Holzworth, John M.  Texts of radio talks on bears, copy of "The Wild Grizzlies of Alaska", editorials about bear conservation, correspondence (some with CAS) and publications about Admiralty Island and logging in Alaska

    Kask, John Laurence. Biographical Review, 1947 trip schedule, correspondence, articles by Kask, press releases

    Kent, Anne Thompson (Mrs. Thomas T.). Articles about conservation in Marin, California; obituaries, invitation to Oral History Reception in Marin, articles about Kent, card about first May Day Celebration at Kentfield, correspondence, notes about The Wild Flowers of California, speech "Concerning Debts" given at Dedication of Tamalpais Centre, book announcement for Marty Kent Jones (daughter)

    Kinrade, Joseph J.  Letter to Mr. Pitts and newspaper clipping titled "S.F. Lapidary Discovers New Gem - 'Kinradite' Is Found at Lands End"

    Kock, Bruce A.  Annual report of CAS Horological Dept., list of horological exhibit of the month clocks, correspondence re: CAS clocks, list of CAS clock acquisitions, articles about Kock

    Lombardi, Maurice E.  Biographical notes, article about Lombardi, articles about relatives, correspondence with Robert C. Miller, obituaries

    Loy, Harvey H.  Letter to H. Loy from students, constitution of the Agassiz Association, minute book of Agassiz Association ("Mary R. Loy, Chico, Cal." written in front), membership list?

    Mason, Herbert L.  Article, reprints, abstract, correspondence, lecture announcement, plates for article in CAS proceedings - "A Pleistocene Flora from the McKittrick Asphalt Deposits of California"

    McClellan, J. Ed. and Bonnie. Correspondence with John Thomas Howell, newspaper articles, J. Ed.'s obituary, dried leaves, color snapshot of J. Ed. McClellan.

    McWhorter, Frank P.  Letter from Sir A. Daniel Hall to McWhorter, reprint titled "Contact Photomicrography in the Ultraviolet on High-Resolution Plates"

    Menzies, Robert Hewitt. Obituaries, articles about relatives, correspondence, b/w photos of people (including Robert Menzies) near the "Council Madrone" tree, notes about big trees

    Miller, Edward. Correspondence with George Lindsay and the CAS library, handwritten copy of 1914 diary of "Herman" Expedition to Alaska.

    Morrison, Alexander F. and May Treat Morrison. Articles about Mr. and Mrs. Morrison and the May T. Morrison Trust Fund, press release about bequest to CAS, letter about how May became a trustee, obituaries for May and Alexander, session list for Spring 1958 CAS Intermediate Teacher Program, schedule of planetarium shows (1954), article about planetarium, holiday cards from May (include photos of garden, May, dogs), correspondence with CAS librarian re: May, program from concert in the Morrison Artists' Series at San Francisco State University.

    Pearson, Nathan E.  Typed drafts (and related notes) for "The Fishes of the Atlantic and Pacific Slopes Near Cajamarca, Peru" and "The Fishes of the Beni-Mamore and Paraguay Basins and a Discussion on the Origin of the Paraguayian Fauna", correspondence re: articles, reprints, printed plates

    Peers, Susan M.  Correspondence with CAS, notes about Peers' tenure at CAS, obituaries of Peers and brother (Robert Alway Peers)

    Pronin, George. Notes in Russian [about insects?], typed manuscript titled "Edwin Cooper Van Dyke: An Unforgettable Character", Russian manuscript [probably same Van Dyke article], illustrations

    Ripley, Harry Dwight. Correspondence with John Thomas Howell; exhibit announcements for Ripley's drawings; "A List of Plants Cultivated or Native at The Spinney, Waldron, Sussex" [forward by Ripley and Barneby]; "Whence Madrono and Aliso?" by Ripley in Leaflets of Western Botany; list of native species growing at Wappingers Falls, NY; article titled "The Marcel Le Piniec Award 1974 to Dwight Ripley & Rupert Barneby"

    Rixford, Emmet. Correspondence (extensive) re: shells and other matters, reprints by J.L. Collins re: pineapples, mailing from Assoc. of Amer. Conchologists, list of shells for sale by Walter F. Webb, article mentioning Rixford re: Lane bequest, obituaries, "Intimate History of the Lane Medical Library" by Rixford, essays from Rixford's time at the University of California

    Roberts, Mary Virginia. Letters to John Thomas Howell, biographical information, articles about her paintings, notices about her exhibits, Christmas cards to Johan Kooy

    Rogers, Julia Ellen. Obituary, letter to Mr. and Mrs. Hand, letter to LaVerne Hand,  obituaries re: Walsa Newton Hand, Christmas card from Rogers, and "A Brief Directory of Museums, Shell Clubs, and Shell Collectors including member of the Long Beach Shell Club 1956-1957".

    Santessen, C.G.  Handwritten copies of articles donated by Dr. John Van Denburgh?

    Taff, Joseph A.  "Geology of Mount Diablo and Vicinity" by Taff, obituary, membership certificate for AAAS, correspondence, clippings re: lands

    Taylor, Mrs. William Hinkley. Index to notes??, article about Garden Club mentioning Hinkley, news release re: memorial fund from Garden Club (interest used to purchase books)

    Vanlandingham, Samuel Leighton. Resume, bibliography, correspondence re: Vanlandingham's job application, correspondence and notes re: NSF diatom catalog grant proposal, copies of grant proposal

    Ward's Natural Science Emporium. Copy of 1890 Ward's ad listing Academy as client (with 1966 cover letter), article about donations to the Academy, correspondence with Ward's (1951, 1966), article about Ward's

    Westrem, John. Small pencil drawing of the "West Entrance of the Lick Astronomical Building on Mount Hamilton", pencil drawing of farm buildings and houses "From Top of Big Dome", obituary

    Witter, Dean. Article about Dean Witter, obituaries, article about Witter Ranch, article about Mrs. Dean Witter (Helen Perkins), diary of African hunting trip, notes on Alaskan and Himalayan trips, correspondence re: specimens, article about Redwood grove named for Witter