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Cyclotella (F.T. Kützing) A. de Brébisson 1838, pg. 19
Generitype T: Cyclotella tecta Hakansson & Ross 1984 (= Cyclotella distinguenda Hustedt) (type conserved)
Designated by ICBN 1988 (ref. 006921), p. 119
Year Designated 1988
Nomenclatural status nom. cons.
Recent revisions Hakansson 1990 (ref. 001072), Hakansson & Ross 1984 (ref. 006914), Loseva 1982 (006904), Lowe 1975 (ref. 004854), Flower 1993 (ref. 006574)
Comments Preconservation type is Cyclotella operculata. Conserved with a different type (C. tecta) (see ICBN 1988, p. 119, ref. 006921). Name conserved with a conserved type. Preconservation type is Cyclotella operculata (Ag.) Bréb. Cyclotella is first introduced in Kützing 1834 (ref. 000594) p. 535 (p. 9 of reprint) as a subgenus of Frustulia Ag., there was then only one species in this group: Frustulia operculata Ag. A. de Brébisson (1838, ref. 000161) adopts the Cyclotella group of Kützing as a genus (p. 19), he includes 2 species: Cyclotella ovalis and Cyclotella operculata (p. 20), no generitype designated by Brébisson, however Cyclotella operculata, the type of the subgenus (by monotypy) automatically became the type of the genus. Boyer 1927 (ref. 000155), p. 36 listed Cyclotella operculata (Ag.) Bréb. 1838 (= Frustulia operculata Ag. 1827) as the type. Håkansson & Ross (1984, Taxon 33: 529, ref. 006914) proposed to choose C. tecta Håkansson & Ross (= Specimen Kützing 139, BM). Note: see genus Pyxidicula Ehrenberg 1834 whose type species is Pyxidicula operculata (Frustulia operculata).
Published in

Brébisson, A. de. 1838  (ref. 161)

Considérations sur les Diatomées et essai d'une classification des genres et des espèces appartenant à cette famille.

Brée l'Ainé Imprimeur-Libraire, Falaise. 22 pp.