Catalog of Fishes

Entries for the approximately 10,300 genera and subgenera of fishes can be retrieved via a search form:

  1. select the radio button for "Genera",
  2. enter a search expression, and
  3. press the "Submit" button.

Each database entry contains the genus or subgenus name, author, date, page and figures, a short-version citation and the reference number, gender, type species, author, date, method of designation of the type species, sources for status of the taxon, and the family/subfamily in which the genus is assigned. A typical entry is:

Galaxiella McDowall 1978:116 [J. R. Soc. N. Z. v. 8 (no. 1); ref. 2951]. Fem. Galaxias pusillus Mack 1936. Type by original designation. Valid (McDowall & Frankenberg 1981:552 [ref. 5500]........). Galaxiidae: Galaxiinae.

The displayed results will contain diacritic marks, bold and italic type faces, and hyperlinks. The text actually being searched, however, is just plain and simple text, so it is not necessary to use diacritics in search strings; i.e., enter [ Gunther ], rather than [ Günther ] or [ Guenther ].

Searches can be made for individual names, and searches can combine words, so if you know the genus name and the family, search on both. All the genera/subgenera in one family may be searched for by entering the family. To search on more than a single term, you must interpolate one of the three boolean operators: [ and | or | and not ] between words or quoted phrases. If you wanted only valid genera in the family Apogonidae, for example, type [ valid and apogonidae ] (but remember status of some names has not been completed).

The "wildcard" character [ * ] can be used, but only as the last character of a word or phrase, and always with the word or phrase enclosed in double quotes. (The wildcard is interpreted as 1 or more characters, not zero or more.)

Additional examples are provided at the bottom of the search form. Good luck.