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Pseudogobius Popta [C. M. L.] 1922:36 Masc. Gobius javanicus Bleeker 1856. Type by subsequent designation. Popta included two species, penango (described as new) and javanicus Bleeker -- neither designated as type. Aurich 1938 independently described Pseudogobius (actually he made available Pseudogobius Koumans), and Aurich's designation of a type (javanicus) does not apply to Pseudogobius Popta. If Popta's javanicus is not misidentified, then it should be designated type of Popta's genus. Pseudogobius Popta should be recognized as valid. See Appendix A in Eschmeyer 1990 [ref. 20647]. •Valid as Pseudogobius Popta 1922 -- (Larson 2001:200 [ref. 25522], Larson & Murdy 2001:3591 [ref. 26293], Hoese & Larson 2006:1680 [ref. 29097], Prokofiev 2007:147 [ref. 34653], Hoese & Larson 2008:768 [ref. 30660], Pezold 2011:95 [ref. 31727], Larson 2011:237 [ref. 31740], Kottelat 2013:422 [ref. 32989], Huang et al. 2014:106 [ref. 33161], Chen et al. 2014:130 [ref. 33159], Kuiter 2018:89 [ref. 36369]). Current status: Valid as Pseudogobius Popta 1922. Gobiidae: Gobionellinae.