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Fenerbahce Özdikmen [H.], Polat [N.], Yilmaz [M.] & Yazicioglu [O.] 2006:167 Masc. Adamas formosus Huber 1979. Type by being a replacement name. Replacement for Adamas Huber 1979, preoccupied. Fenerbahce regarded as unavailable by Huber 2006:211 [ref. 29114] who provided the replacement name Adamans. But correspondence with Dr. Özdikmen revealed that Fenerbache appeared in a journal with both a print format and an electronic presentation; therefore Fenerbahce is available and is the valid name. •Valid as Fenerbahce Özdikmen, Polat, Yilmaz & Yazicioglu 2006 -- (Özdiken 2008:291 [ref. 29474], Sonnenberg & van der Zee 2008:67 [ref. 29487]). Current status: Valid as Fenerbahce Özdikmen, Polat, Yilmaz & Yazicioglu 2006. Nothobranchiidae.