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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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Pomotis Cuvier [G.] 1829:147 Fem. Pomotis vulgaris Cuvier 1829. Type by monotypy. Cuvier listed in footnote "Pomotis vulgaris, Nob., ou Labrus auritus, Lin., appelĂ©...[with citation to Catesby]." Jordan 1917:126 [ref. 2407] indicates that Cuvier's vulgaris is Perca gibbosa Linnaeus and not auritus. Type perhaps best considered as vulgaris Cuvier 1829. Cuvier does not mention Pomotis Rafinesque 1819, and Pomotis Cuvier can be considered to be preoccupied by Pomotis Rafinesque. But type as Labrus auritus was designated by Desmarest 1856:206 [ref. 17401] -- see Whitley 1939:222 [ref. 25866] but Whitley has wrong date for Desmarest. •In the synonymy of Lepomis Rafinesque 1819 -- (Gilbert 1998:24 [ref. 23395]). Current status: Synonym of Lepomis Rafinesque 1819. Centrarchidae.