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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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Cynodon Spix [J. B. von] in Spix & Agassiz 1829:77 Masc. Cynodon gibbus Spix & Agassiz 1829. Type by monotypy. Ken Lazara (pers. comm.) pointed out that this genus dates to Cuvier 1829. In the 1990 edition of the Catalog of Fishes we treated Cynodon as a name first published in synonymy of Rhaphiodon Agassiz 1829:76 [ref. 13], but later made available back to Agassiz with type as gibbus designated by Eigenmann 1910:444 [ref. 1224]. It is now regarded as first published in Cuvier as a name in synonymy, subsequently made available back to Cuvier 1829 by subsequent use as a valid name. Treated as valid but with different type species and concept -- (e.g., Géry 1986:63 [ref. 6019]). Technically, Cynodon Cuvier is the senior objective synonym of Hydrolycus Müller & Troschel 1844. Case 3041 [ref. 24268] before the ICZN was settled in Opinion 2012 [ref. 31354]. •Valid, with author as Agassiz 1829 -- (Lucena & Menezes 1998:274 [ref. 23776], Géry et al. 1999:74 [ref. 24114], Toledo-Piza 2000:57 [ref. 24268], ICZN 2002:223 [ref. 31354] with author as Spix). •Valid as Cynodon Spix 1829 -- (Mirande 2009:6 [ref. 30267] in Characidae, Cynodontinae, Mirande 2010:480 [ref. 31006]). Current status: Valid as Cynodon Spix 1829. Cynodontidae.