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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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Coccolus Bonaparte [C. L.] 1846:47, 97 Masc. Coccolus annectens Bonaparte 1846. Type by monotypy. Based on a larva. Essentially as name only. Needs more research; Bonaparte's Note A on p. 97 not translated; perhaps Coccolus is the same as Krohnius Cocco (a macrourid larva) and not a pleuronectiform as placed by Bonaparte. •As name only in synonymy of Caelorinchus Giorna 1809 -- (Marshall & Iwamoto 1973:538 [ref. 6966] as Coelorhynchus, Iwamoto in Cohen et al. 1990:111 [ref. 18936], Castellanos-Galindo et al. 2006:205 [ref. 28944]). •In the synonymy of Coelorinchus Giorna 1809. Current status: Synonym of Coelorinchus Giorna 1809. Macrouridae: Macrourinae.