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Solenophallus Herre [A. W. C. T.] (ex Aurich) 1953:242 Masc. Solenophallus thessa Aurich 1937. Type by original designation (also monotypic). Not available from Aurich 1937:264 [ref. 151], no designation of type after 1930 (Art. 13.3). Herre (1939:142, 144) reassigned one of Aurich's 2 included species to his Ctenophallus and left the second in Solenophallus. Herre (1953:242) clearly indicates a type for Solenophallus, and in absence of other information, the genus can date to Herre 1953. •Valid as Solenophallus Herre 1953 -- (White et al. 1984:360 [ref. 13655]). •Synonym of Neostethus Regan 1916 -- (Parenti 1989:269 [ref. 13486], Kottelat 2013:284 [ref. 3289]). Current status: Synonym of Neostethus Regan 1916. Phallostethidae.