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suworowi, Clupea harengus pallasi natio Rabinerson [A. I.] 1927:66 [Trudy Instituta po Izucheniya Severa, Nauchno-Technicheskoe Upravlenie VSNC, Moskva v. 34 (no. 166); ref. 18583] Barents Sea. Syntypes: whereabouts unknown. Infrasubspecific when proposed as above. Apparently validated by Svetovidov 1973 who treated suworowi as a subspecies. •Synonym of Clupea harengus Linnaeus 1758, but a valid subspecies -- (Svetovidov 1973:101 [ref. 7169]). •Synonym of Clupea pallasi Valenciennes 1847, but a valid subspecies suworowi Rabinerson 1927 -- (Reshetnikov et al. 1997:727 [ref. 24702], Dolgov 2013:915 [ref. 33112]). •Synonym of Clupea pallasii Valenciennes 1847, but a valid subspecies -- (Parin et al. 2014:58 [ref. 33547]). •Synonym of Clupea pallasii Valenciennes 1847 -- (Mecklenburg et al. 2016:27 [ref. 34440], Dyldin & Orlov 2016:547 [ref. 34656]). Current status: Synonym of Clupea pallasii Valenciennes 1847. Clupeidae. Habitat: freshwater.