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baerii, Coregonus Kessler [K. F.] 1864:138, Pl. 2 [Descriptions of the fish which are found in the waters of St. Petersburg Province v. 1 (sec. 1, Zool.); ref. 18394] Southern part of Lake Lodoga and Volkhov River, Russia. Syntypes: none found at ZIN. •Synonym of Coregonus lavaretus (Linnaeus 1758), but a valid subspecies -- (Berg 1948:365 [ref. 12882], Reshetnikov et al. 1997:731 [ref. 24702], Reshetnikov 1998:43-44 [ref. 23570]). •Synonym of Coregonus widegreni Malmgren 1863 -- (Kottelat 1997:119 [ref. 22952]). •Valid as Coregonus baerii Kessler 1864 -- (Bogutskaya & Naseka 2004:137 [ref. 28183], Kottelat & Freyhof 2007:371 [ref. 29996]). Current status: Valid as Coregonus baerii Kessler 1864. Salmonidae: Coregoninae. Distribution: Lake Lodoga, Russia. Habitat: freshwater.