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volucris, Phanops Rofen [R. R.] 1966:595 [Memoirs of the Sears Foundation of Marine Research Mem. 1 (pt 5); ref. 19801] Eastern North Pacific, 25°28.9'-35.3'N, 114°06.6'-113°21.3'W, depth 1500-5500 meters wire out. Neotype: SIO 64-28. Listed in Rofen 1966:595 [ref. 19801] as "Phanops volucris Rofen 1963" which refers to "an undescribed species from the northeastern Pacific" in Rofen 1963:4 [ref. 3795], but no name is proposed in that paper and no description given; dates to 1966 as above with brief characterization in key. Neotype designated as SIO 64-28 by Johnson 1974:107 [ref. 7050], but see Johnson's discussion of available Rofen specimens [which could be considered as original syntypes]. •Valid as Rosenblattichthys volucris (Rofen 1966) -- (Johnson 1974:107 [ref. 7050], Johnson 1982:163 [ref. 5519], Pequeño 1989:34 [ref. 14125], Castellanos-Galindo et al. 2006:253 [ref. 28944], Davis 2015:67 [ref. 33682]). Current status: Valid as Rosenblattichthys volucris (Rofen 1966). Scopelarchidae. Distribution: Eastern Pacific. Habitat: marine.