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alcockii, Diplacanthopoma Goode [G. B.] & Bean [T. H.] 1896:528 [Special Bulletin U. S. National Museum No. 2; ref. 1848] Andaman sea, 7.5 miles east of North Cinque Island, depth 490 fathoms. Based on Diplacanthopoma brachysoma of Alcock 1889:385 [ref. 81] (not of G√ľnther) as mentioned on p. 319 in main text for ref. 1848. Diplacanthopoma alcockii Goode & Bean is a nomen nudum as there was no description in Alcock (Cohen & Nielsen 2002:15 [ref. 26526]); specimen apparently lost. •Uncertain as Diplacanthopoma alcockii Goode & Bean 1896 -- (Nielsen & Cohen in Nielsen et al. 1999:102 [ref. 24448], Cohen & Nielsen 2002:15 [ref. 26526], Møller et al. 2016:Appendix A [ref. 34432] in Bythitidae). Current status: Synonym of Diplacanthopoma. Bythitidae.