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roloffi, Rivulus Roloff [E.] (ex Trewavas) 1938:597, Fig. 2 [Wochenschrift für Aquarien- und Terrarienkunde v. 35 (no. 38); ref. 20645] Small brook at Arbol Plantation, near Villa Altagracia [Villa Alta Gracia], on road between Ciudad Trujilio [Santo Domingo de Guzmán] and Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, 18°41'39"N, 70°11'15"W. Lectotype: BMNH 1947.11.27:1-3. Paralectotypes: BMNH 1947.11.27.1-3 (2). Also described as new in Trewavas 1948:408 [ref. 13077]. Apparently characters used by Roloff are different from those of Trewavas, so authorship is Roloff (current authors) rather than Trewavas in Roloff. •Status uncertain -- (Lee et al. 1983:61 [ref. 22527]). •Valid as Rivulus roloffi Roloff 1938 -- (Huber 1992:385 [ref. 20639], Lazara 2001:283 [ref. 25711], Costa in Reis et al. 2003:539 [ref. 27061], Costa 2006:139 [ref. 28875], Costa 2011:239 [ref. 31655] as "Rivulus" roloffi). Current status: Valid as Rivulus roloffi Roloff 1938. Rivulidae: Rivulinae. Distribution: River basins of Dominican Republic. Habitat: freshwater.