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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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cuvier, Bodian Bennett [J. W.] 1829:unnum. p., Pl. 13 [A selection from the most remarkable and interesting fishes found on the coast of Ceylon First Edition; ref. 16785] South coast of Sri Lanka. No types known. The original genus should have been Bodianus. Bodian cuvieri in Bennett 1841 [ref. 21457] is an incorrect subsequent spelling (Eschmeyer & Pethiyagoda 1996:143 [ref. 22472]). •Synonym of Plectorhinchus orientalis (Bloch 1793) [sometimes as Plectorhynchus] (Senou & Shimada 1991:5 [ref. 24307], Pethiyagoda et al. 1994:43 [ref. 21456]). •Synonym of Plectorhinchus vittatus (Linnaeus 1758) -- (Randall & Johnson 2000:479 [ref. 25807], Parenti 2019:184 [ref. 37021]). Current status: Synonym of Plectorhinchus vittatus (Linnaeus 1758). Haemulidae: Plectorhinchinae. Habitat: marine.