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ryukyuensis, Cirrhilabrus Ishikawa [C.] 1904:12, Pl. 6 (fig. 1) [Proceedings of the Department of Natural History, Tokyo Imperial Museum v. 1; ref. 9847] Naha, Okinawa Island, Ryukyu Islands, Japan. Holotype (unique): whereabouts unknown. The original spelling was lyukyensisis -- apparently the original spelling should have been ryukyuensis; the name being formed from the type locality; we regard the "l" as a type-setting error for "r". •Synonym of Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura (Bleeker 1851) -- (Randall 1992:106 [ref. 20249], Parenti & Randall 2000:11 [ref. 24943]). •Valid as Cirrhilabrus ryukyuensis Ishikawa 1904 -- (Westneat 2001:3401 [ref. 26277] as ryukyuensis, Allen & Adrim 2003:48 [ref. 26830], Allen et al. 2008:130 [ref. 29752], Motomura et al. 2010:162 [ref. 31256], Kuiter 2010:127 [ref. 35285] as lyukyuensis and authorship as Ishigawa, Allen et al. 2015:3 [ref. 33787]). •Synonym of Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura (Bleeker 1851) but tentatively as a valid subspecies. •Valid as Cirrhilabrus ryukyuensis Ishikawa 1904 and possible northern subspecies of Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura (Bleeker 1851) -- (Parenti & Randall 2011:32 [ref. 31299], Allen & Erdmann 2012:659 [ref. 31980], Walsh 2014:123 [ref. 33450]). •Valid as Cirrhilabrus ryukyuensis Ishikawa 1904 -- (Parenti & Randall 2018:16 [ref. 35964]). Current status: Valid as Cirrhilabrus ryukyuensis Ishikawa 1904. Labridae. Distribution: Western Pacific: Indonesia and Malaysia, to Philippines and north to Taiwan and Ryukyu Islands, Japan. Habitat: marine.