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robustum, Tripterygium Clarke [F. E.] 1879:292, Pl. 15 (upper left) [Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute v. 11 (art. 25) (for 1878); ref. 18006] Jackson's Bay, 500 meters northeast of Jackson's Bay town, 40 kilometers south-southwest of Haast, South Island, New Zealand. Neotype: NMNZ uncat. Original genus should have been Tripterygion., Neotype designated by Fricke 1994:347 [ref. 21827]. See Paulin et al. 1989:264 [ref. 24556]. Clements et al. 2000:379 [ref. 25188] suggest that the neotype designated by Fricke does not represent the species described by Clarke, but they were unable to identify it with certainty with 2 other species and suggest it be regarded as a nomen dubium. •Valid as Forsterygion robustum (Clarke 1879) -- (Paulin & Roberts 1992:93 [ref. 24625]). •Synonym of Forsterygion varium (Forster 1801) -- (Fricke 1994:342 [ref. 21827], Fricke 1997:574 [ref. 23339], Fricke 2009:45 [ref. 30394]). Current status: Synonym of Forsterygion varium (Forster 1801). Tripterygiidae: Tripterygiinae. Habitat: marine.