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scrobiculatus, Chaenogobius Takagi [K.] 1957:120, Pl. 6 (fig. g); Fig. 7 [Journal of the Tokyo University of Fisheries v. 43 (no. 1); ref. 4310] Mouth of Asa River, Ushirogata-kami, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Honshu, Japan. Neotype: OMNH-P 11261. Neotype designated by Stevenson 2002:282 [ref. 26489]. Types transferred to the Imperial Household and apparent lost except possibly for fragments of one paratype. •Valid as Chaenogobius scrobiculatus Takagi 1957 -- (Suzuki & Masuda 1993:4 [ref. 24333]). •Valid as Gymnogobius scrobiculatus (Takagi 1957) -- (Nakabo 2000:1199 [ref. 25182], Nakabo 2002:1199 [ref. 26193], Stevenson 2002:281 [ref. 26489], Matsunuma et al. 2009:9 [ref. 31113], Matsui et al. 2014:11 [ref. 33344]). Current status: Valid as Gymnogobius scrobiculatus (Takagi 1957). Gobiidae: Gobionellinae. Distribution: Western North Pacific: Japan. Habitat: brackish, marine.