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hypselocephala, Caspialosa pontica morpha Isachenko [V. L.] 1925:113, 116 [Trudy Vseukrainskoj Gosudarstvennoj Cernomorsko-Azovskoj Naucno-Promyslovoj Opytnoj Stancii; = Arbelten der All-Ukranischen Wissenschaftlich-Praktischen Staats-Station des Schwarzen und Asow Meeres, Narodnyj Komissariat Zemiedelija Ukrainskoj SSR v. 1; ref. 18328] Not available, infrasubspecific; from Mouth of Dnieper River, Otchakov, Ukraine. Publication in an available way dates to Fowler 1973 who treated the name as a valid subspecies. •In the synonymy of Caspialosa kessleri (Grimm 1887), subspecies pontica (Eichwald 1838) -- (Berg 1948:124 [ref. 12882]). •In genus Alosa based on treatment of other varieties by Svetovidov 1973 [ref. 7169]. •In the synonymy of Alosa pontica (Eichwald 1838) -- (Whitehead 1985:204 [ref. 5141]). •In the synonymy of Alosa immaculata Bennett 1835 -- (Kottelat 1997:38 [ref. 22952], Parin et al. 2014:55 [ref. 33547]). Current status: Synonym of Alosa immaculata Bennett 1835. Clupeidae.