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nascione, Cephaloscyllium isabella forma Whitley [G. P.] 1932:324, Fig. 2 (no. 2) [Records of the Australian Museum v. 18 (no. 6); ref. 4674] 24 miles north-northeast of Montague Island, New South Wales, Australia, depth 90 fathoms. Holotype (unique): AMS IA.2829. Proposed as a forma, but because nascione was subsequently used as a valid species name prior to 1985, it is to be treated as subspecific when proposed by Whitley. •Valid as Cephaloscyllium nascione Whitley 1932 -- (Compagno 1984:300 [ref. 6846], Paxton et al. 1989:72 [ref. 12442], Gomon et al. 1994:136 [ref. 22532], Inoue & Nakaya 2006:86 [ref. 28852]). •Synonym of Cephaloscyllium laticeps (Duméril 1853) -- (Last & Stevens 1994:198 [ref. 23873], Hoese et al. 2006:86 [ref. 28999], Last et al. 2008:147 [ref. 29683]). Current status: Synonym of Cephaloscyllium laticeps (Duméril 1853). Scyliorhinidae. Habitat: marine.