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farioides, Salmo Karaman [S.] 1938:137, Fig. 3 [Glasnik Skopskog Naucnog Drustva [Bulletin de la Société Scientifique de Skopje]. v. 18; ref. 17197] Krka River in Croatia, near the town of Knin. Neotype: MCCI/P/501. Syntypes: whereabouts unknown. See Kottelat 1997:135 [ref. 22952] for localities. Neotype selected by Bianco 2014:65 [ref. 32897]. •Synonym of Salmo trutta Linnaeus 1758, but a valid subspecies -- (Mrakovcic et al. 1995:183 [ref. 23079]). •Questionably valid as Salmo farioides Karaman 1938 -- (Kottelat 1997:135 [ref. 22952]). •Valid as Salmo farioides Karaman 1928 -- (Kottelat & Freyhof 2007:421 [ref. 29996], Zupančič 2008:63 [ref. 29926], Delling 2011:337 [ref. 31191], Bianco 2013:4 [ref. 32897], Barbieri et al. 2015:82 [ref. 35029]). Current status: Valid as Salmo farioides Karaman 1938. Salmonidae: Salmoninae. Distribution: Eastern Adriatic slope: Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia and Greece. Habitat: freshwater.