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yaluensis, Thymallus articus Mori [T.] 1928:57 [11] [Journal of the Chosen Natural History Society No. 6; ref. 15861] Upper Yalu River at Kozan, Korea. Holotype: whereabouts unknown. Additional specimens: (10). On p. 11 of separate. Spelled jaluensis in main heading on p. 57 but as yaluensis on p. 22; named for the Yalu River, so yaluensis is regarded as correctly spelled. •Synonym of Thymallus arcticus (Pallas 1776) -- (Berg 1948:430 [ref. 12882]). •Synonym of Thymallus arcticus (Pallas 1776), but a valid subspecies -- (Zhu 1995:12 [ref. 25213], Kim 1997:355 [ref. 24032] as jaluensis, Kim & Park 2002:275 [ref. 25913] as jaluensis, Youn 2002:194, 531 [ref. 26218] as jaluensis). •Valid as Thymallus yaluensis Mori 1928 -- (Zhang et al. 2016:190 [ref. 34477], Dyldin et al. 2017:109 [ref. 35967]). Current status: Valid as Thymallus yaluensis Mori 1928. Salmonidae: Thymallinae. Distribution: Korea and ? China. Habitat: freshwater.