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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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fecundus, Catostomus Cope [E. D.] & Yarrow [H. C.] 1875:678, Pl. 32 (figs. 1, 1a-b) [Engineer Department, United States Army, Report upon the Geographical and Geological Explorations and Surveys west of the one hundredth Meridian v. 5 (Zoology) Chapter 6; ref. 968] Utah Lake, Wasatch County, Utah, U.S.A. Lectotype: USNM 16988. Paralectotypes: USNM 12894 (1). Type catalog: Gilbert 1998:182-183 [ref. 23395]. Lectotype selected by Miller & Smith 1981:11 [ref. 5465] as accepted by Gilbert 1998:182-183 [ref. 23395]. As Catostomus fecundum in legend to Pl. 32 (regarded as in error). •Valid or possible hybrid -- (Lee et al. 1980:378 [ref. 22416]). •Hybrid of Catostomus ardens x Chasmistes liorus -- (Gilbert 1998:183 [ref. 23395]). •Valid as Chasmistes fecundus (Cope & Yarrow 1875) -- (Cook 2001:293 [ref. 25390]). Current status: Valid as Chasmistes fecundus (Cope & Yarrow 1875). Catostomidae: Catostominae. Distribution: Utah, U.S.A. Habitat: freshwater.