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nagelii, Curimatus Steindachner [F.] 1881:98 [Anzeiger der Akademie der Wissenschaften in Wien, Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Classe v. 18 (no. 11) (for 5 May 1881); ref. 20484] Vicinity of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Holotype (unique): NMW 68808. Species originally spelled as Nägelii, mandatory correction to naegelii according to ICZN Art. Described in more detail in Steindachner 1881:11 [ref. 14299]. •Valid as Cyphocharax nagelii (Steindachner 1881) -- (Vari 1992:23 [ref. 19020], Vari in Reis et al. 2003:56 [ref. 27061]). •Valid as Cyphocharax naegelii (Steindachner 1881) -- (Melo 2017:118 [ref. 35213], Bortolo et al. 2018:350 [ref. 36016]). Current status: Valid as Cyphocharax naegelii (Steindachner 1881). Curimatidae. Distribution: Upper ParanĂ¡ River basin, Brazil. Habitat: freshwater.