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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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mesogaster, Exocoetus Bloch [M. E.] 1795:17, Pl. 399 [Naturgeschichte der ausl√§ndischen Fische v. 9; ref. 464] Indian Ocean. Lectotype: ZMB 2894. Paralectotypes: ZMB 33077 [ex ZMB 2894] (1) Indian Ocean. Type catalog: Paepke 1999:80 [ref. 24282]. On p. 12 of Bloch's Ichthyologie, v. 12 [ref. 21381]. Based on Plumier manuscript with West Indies locality and on 2 specimens from the Indian Ocean. •Believed to be a senior synonym of Parexocoetus mento (Valenciennes 1847) -- (Paepke 1999:80 [ref. 24282]). •Valid as Exocoetus mesogaster Bloch 1795 -- (Nión et al. 2016:42 [ref. 35565]). Current status: Valid as Exocoetus mesogaster Bloch 1795. Exocoetidae. Distribution: Indian Ocean. Habitat: marine.