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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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braueri, Coelorhynchus (Oxygadus) Barnard [K. H.] 1925:501 [Annals and Magazine of Natural History (Series 9) v. 15 (no. 86) (art. 56); ref. 12730] West coast, off Saldanha Bay and Table Bay, off Cape Point and East London, South Africa, depth 250-450 fathoms. Syntypes: SAM 12623 (9) off Table Mt. •Valid as Coelorinchus braueri Barnard 1925 -- (Trunov 1983:901 [ref. 8205], Iwamoto 1986:333 [ref. 5674], Iwamoto in Cohen et al. 1990:149 [ref. 18936], Bianchi & Carpenter in Bianchi et al. 1993:142 [ref. 25472], Jawad & Al-Mamry 2012:2 [ref. 31773]). Current status: Valid as Coelorinchus braueri Barnard 1925. Macrouridae: Macrourinae. Distribution: Southeastern Atlantic and western Indian Ocean. Habitat: marine.