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pottsii, Aplesion Girard [C. F.] 1859:102 [Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia v. 11; ref. 27409] Chihuahua River [Río Chuviscar at Chihuahua], northern Mexico. Holotype (unique): MCZ 1179 [ex USNM 1179]. Type catalog: Collette & Knapp 1967:12 [ref. 20211]. Spelled potsii (misprint); named for Mr. John Potts as cited in text so name is corrected to pottsii. •Valid as Etheostoma pottsi or pottsii [correct] (Girard 1859) -- (Smith et al. 1984:395 [ref. 22691], Espinosa Pérez et al. 1993:64 [ref. 22290], Norris & Minckley 1997:174 [ref. 23278], Nelson et al. 2004:135 [ref. 27807] as pottsii, Miller 2006:337 [ref. 28615] as pottsii, Scharpf 2008:30 [ref. 30399] as pottsii, Page et al. 2013:139 [ref. 32708]). Current status: Valid as Etheostoma pottsii (Girard 1859). Percidae: Etheostomatinae. Distribution: Atlantic and Pacific Slope of Mexico. Habitat: freshwater.