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capella, Prionotus Miranda Ribeiro [A. de] 1916:Triglidae p. 4 [Arquivos do Museu Nacional de Rio de Janeiro v. 17; ref. 3711] Ila Grande; Rio Grande, Brazil; North America. On p. 596 when continuously paginated. Stated as, "substituto para Prionotus carolinus de Bloch and Prionotus punctatus Cuv. & Val., ambos preoccupados." Trigla carolina of Bloch 1790 and Prionotus punctatus of Cuvier 1829 are not original descriptions, so capella is not technically a replacement name. Types are those represented by the above literature and any available to Miranda Ribeiro. •Synonym of Prionotus punctatus (Bloch 1793) -- (Miller & Richards 1991:760 [ref. 15981]). Current status: Synonym of Prionotus punctatus (Bloch 1793). Triglidae. Habitat: brackish, marine.