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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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staigeri, Platycephalus Castelnau [F. L.] 1875:17 [Official Record, containing Introduction, Catalogues, Official Awards of the Commissioners, Report and Recommendations of the Experts, and Essays and Statistics on the Social and Economic Resources of the Colony of Victoria.; ref. 768] Queensland, Australia. Holotype (unique): whereabouts unknown. •Valid as Platycephalus staigeri Castelnau 1875 -- (Paxton et al. 1989:471 [ref. 12442] but possibly a synonym of Platycephalus nematophthalmus Günther 1860). •Valid as Suggrundus staigeri (Castelnau 1875) -- (Larson & Williams 1997:354 [ref. 23967], Hutchins 2001:29 [ref. 25847]). •Valid as Cymbacephalus staigeri (Castelnau 1875) -- (Imamura 1996:204 [ref. 22700], Knapp 1999:2397 [ref. 24807], Johnson 1999:728 [ref. 25471], Paxton et al. 2006:936 [ref. 29079], Fricke et al. 2011:382 [ref. 31242], Larson et al. 2013:90 [ref. 32988]). Current status: Valid as Cymbacephalus staigeri (Castelnau 1875). Platycephalidae. Distribution: Western Pacific and southeastern Indian Ocean. Habitat: marine.