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mednius, Myoxocephalus Bean [T. H.] in Jordan & Evermann 1898:1983 [Bulletin of the United States National Museum No. 47; ref. 2444] Medny Island, Commander Islands, Bering Sea. Holotype (unique): USNM 33863. Author is T. H. Bean. Also appeared as Bean in Jordan & Gilbert 1899:465, Pl. 64b [ref. 2478]. •Questionably a synonym of Porocottus bradfordi Rutter 1898, subspecies albomaculatus (Schmidt 1916) -- (Neelov 1979:136 [ref. 3152]). •Valid as Porocottus mednius (Bean 1898) -- (Sheiko & Fedorov 2000:28 [ref. 25650], Mecklenburg et al. 2002:486 [ref. 25968], Parin et al. 2002:S84 [ref. 28300], Nelson et al. 2004:121 [ref. 27807], Page et al. 2013:124 [ref. 32708], Parin et al. 2014:269 [ref. 33547], Mecklenburg & Steinke 2015:164 [ref. 34033]). Current status: Valid as Porocottus mednius (Bean 1898). Cottidae. Distribution: North Pacific: Bering Strait to Commander-Aleutian chain to southeastern Alaska and to Kuril Islands. Habitat: marine.