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popovi, Cyclopteropsis Soldatov [V. K.] in Soldatov & Popov 1929:240 [Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR, Ser. A (Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences de l'URSS), Leningrad 1929; ref. 4163] Northwestern Okhotsk Sea between Okhotsk and Ayan, Russia. Holotype (unique): lost. Also appeared in more detail as Soldatov in Soldatov & Lindberg 1930:322, Fig. 52 [ref. 4164]. See comments by Mecklenburg & Sheiko 2003:5 [ref. 27295] on the type and the current status of this species (as the adult form of C. brashnikowi). •Valid as Cyclopterocottus popovi (Soldatov 1929) -- (Lindberg & Legeza 1955:445 [ref. 2785]). •Valid as Cyclopteropsis popovi Soldatov 1929 -- (Ueno 1970:117 [ref. 26199], Mecklenburg & Sheiko 2003:5 [ref. 27295], Parin et al. 2014:307 [ref. 33547]). •Valid as Eumicrotremus popovi (Soldatov 1929) -- (Oku et al. 2017:55 [ref. 35060]). Current status: Valid as Eumicrotremus popovi (Soldatov 1929). Cyclopteridae: Eumicrotreminae. Distribution: Western North Pacific: Okhotsk Sea to Pacific off Kuril Islands. Previously known only from the holotype, recently found to be rather common off the northern Kuril Islands. Habitat: marine.