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petersii, Tetrodon Bianconi [G. G.] 1854:68 [Rendiconto delle Sessioni dell'Accademia delle Scienze dell'Instituto dei Bologna 1853-1854 (for 11 May 1854); ref. 17949] Mozambique. No types known. Name also appeared in Bianconi 1854:225 [ref. 295] and Bianconi 1855:147 [ref. 26452] with figure. Original genus should have been spelled Tetraodon. •Synonym of Canthigaster solandri (Richardson 1845) -- (Allen & Randall 1977:481 [ref. 6714]). •Valid as Canthigaster petersii (Bianconi 1854) -- (Allen & Erdmann 2012:1095 [ref. 31980], Fricke et al. 2018:386 [ref. 35805], Mishra et al. 2019:300 [ref. 36950], Zajonz et al. 2019:103 [ref. 36871], Psomadakis et al. 2020:619 [ref. 37272], Matsuura et al. 2020:86 [ref. 37714]). Current status: Valid as Canthigaster petersii (Bianconi 1854). Tetraodontidae. Distribution: Indian Ocean: East Africa, Socotra, Madagascar and western Mascarenes east to southern India, Andaman Islands and Myanmar. Habitat: marine.