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amazonum, Loricaria apeltogaster var. Delsman [N. C.] 1941:80 [Mémoires du Musée royal d'histoire naturelle de Belgique (Ser. 2) No. 21; ref. 13171] Rio Trombetas near Obidos, Amazonas, Brazil. Holotype (unique): IRSNB 546 [not 294]. Type catalog: Walschaerts 1987:21 [ref. 20755], Ferraris 2007:288 [ref. 29155]. The correct spelling of this species is amazonum, a noun that does not decline (see note under Curimatus amazonum). •Valid as Pseudohemiodon amazonum (Delsman 1941) -- (Isbrücker 1980:121 [ref. 2303], Isbrücker 1981:87 [ref. 5522], Burgess 1989:444 [ref. 12860], Isbrücker 2001:29, 32 [ref. 25653], Isbrücker 2002:28 [ref. 27178] as amazonus, Ferraris in Reis et al. 2003:340 [ref. 27061], Ferraris 2007:288 [ref. 29155] as amazonus). Current status: Valid as Pseudohemiodon amazonum (Delsman 1941). Loricariidae: Loricariinae. Distribution: Lower Amazon River basin, Brazil. Habitat: freshwater.