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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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boulengeri, Hemidoras (Leptodoras) Steindachner [F.] 1915:218 [Anzeiger der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien, Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Classe v. 52 (no. 18); ref. 18909] Mouth of Rio Negro, Brazil. Holotype (unique): NMW (not found in 2006). Type catalog: Ferraris 2007:175 [ref. 29155]. Species later illustrated and described in more detail in Steindachner 1917:77 [p. 63 of separate] Pl. 8 (figs. 1-3); this main work was released as a separate in 1915 [ref. 4244]. •Valid as Opsodoras boulengeri (Steindachner 1915) -- (Burgess 1989:222 [ref. 12860], Sabaj & Ferraris in Reis et al. 2003:463 [ref. 27061], Ferraris 2007:175 [ref. 29155], Barriga S. 2014:115 [ref. 35745], Sarmiento et al. 2014:190 [ref. 35004], DoNascimiento et al. 2017:89 [ref. 35633]). Current status: Valid as Opsodoras boulengeri (Steindachner 1915). Doradidae: Doradinae. Distribution: Amazon River basin: Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia and Brazil. Habitat: freshwater.