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dawalla, Hypothalmus Jardine [W.] in Schomburgk 1841:191, Pl. 9 [The Natural history of fishes of Guiana; ref. 18707] Junction of Rupununi and Essequibo rivers, Guyana and Fort St. Joaquim, Rio Branco, Brazil. No types known. Type catalog: Ferraris 2007:69 [ref. 29155]. Name spelled dawalla in text; davalla on plate; although Boeseman 1972:306 [ref. 19698] overlooked the spelling on the plate, he probably can serve as first reviser as he mentioned both spellings. Species was renamed schomburgkii by Bleeker 1858. •Valid as Hypothalmus dawalla Jardine 1841 -- (Burgess 1989:286 [ref. 12860]). •Synonym of Ageneiosus inermis (Linnaeus 1766) -- (Ferraris in Reis et al. 2003:471 [ref. 27061], Ferraris 2007:69 [ref. 29155], Litz & Koerber 2014:17 [ref. 33622], Mirande & Koerber 2015:29 [ref. 35117], Ribeiro et al. 2017:25 [ref. 35133], Koerber et al. 2017:45 [ref. 35267]). Current status: Synonym of Ageneiosus inermis (Linnaeus 1766). Auchenipteridae: Auchenipterinae. Habitat: freshwater.