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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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fasciatus, Aphanius Nardo [G. D.] 1827:34, 39 (no. 154) [Giornale di fisica, chimica e storia naturale, medicina, ed arti. (series 2) Dec. II, v. 10; ref. 3146] Near Venice, Italy. No types known. Appeared first in Nardo 1824:259 [ref. 3144] as Ciprinoides nanofasciatus, but without distinguishing features. Also in Nardo 1827:col. 482 and 488 [ref. 19740]. Subjectively invalid; secondarily preoccupied in Aphanius by Lebias fasciata Valenciennes 1821. •Synonym of Aphanius fasciatus (Valenciennes 1821) -- (Wildekamp et al. 1986:168 [ref. 6198], Bilecenoğlu et al. 2002:59 [ref. 26753]). •Treated as valid as Aphanius fasciatus Nardo 1827 -- (Tortonese 1973:270 [ref. 7192], Lotan & Ben-Tuvia 1996:203 [ref. 22648]). Current status: Synonym of Aphanius fasciatus (Valenciennes 1821). Aphaniidae. Habitat: freshwater, brackish, marine.